How To Be an Introverted Social Butterfly


This summer has been very social for me. Adam’s cousin Isabelle (who’s amazing) is living with us while she is interning for The Wonder Jam, we’ve had our friends Meghan and David visited (and Meghan came again for a week later during the summer), our developer, Matt, came and stayed with us for another week, we’ve had three interns this summer, classes, parties, events…plus just regular socializing like lunches, coffee dates + client meetings.

As an introvert, it’s A LOT. Despite the fact that all this socializing has been with some of my favorite people, it can still leave me utterly exhausted if I don’t take care of myself. If you have a social season coming up in your life, maybe these tips will help you survive and thrive:

  1. Go to the movies! To be honest, I don’t like seeing movies at the theater but when I’m around a lot of people for a consistent amount of time, it’s my favorite activity. Sure, it’s social (sort of) but you get to sit in a dark room, drink the La Croix you snuck in and watch a movie for two hours while no one talks to you!
  2. Go to bed early. When we have guests staying at our house, it’s easy for me to stay up late chatting or hanging out. I’ve found that sometimes I just need to retreat to my room (even if I don’t fall asleep right away) earlier in the evening. It’s a pretty safe place and most (normal) house guests don’t bother you much once you’ve gone to sleep.
  3. Don’t be afraid to do something alone. If you’re spending time with people you know pretty well, just tell them you need some time alone. My best pal Meghan totally understood when I decided to paint by myself at our studio. Maybe you need to go on a walk, run an errand or sit at a coffee shop for an hour.
  4. Introduce and disappear. That sounds more dramatic than it really is. If you’re at a party or event, make it your goal to introduce two people and then slowly back away. You’ve allowed two strangers to meet and possibly fall in love or become best friends…let the magic happen!
  5. Continue to communicate. It’s easy to stop communicating when feeling overwhelmed. I have to remind myself to continue to communicate, be open and vulnerable (especially with Adam). It actually helps me feel more connected and energized. Don’t shut down just because you’re

That’s all I have for now. Any tips you’d recommend?

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  • I totally get this post! Same boat, same boat. I don’t have any visitors but I feel similarly with my two roommates. When I get home from work I’ll ask how they’re doing then I like to retreat to my bedroom for most of the rest of the evening. I’m always so afraid that it comes off as rude but, dang, sometimes after work you just need to retreat to your safe spot and recoup (i.e. watch King of Queens/3rd Rock from the Sun, because gosh darnit if they aren’t light and easy to watch).

    While this isn’t very helpful or original I’ve found that I take solace in having “summer” as a springboard topic. Being in an elevator traveling up 23 flights every single day….a girl needs something to talk about that isn’t the standard “Hot out there, eh?”…or this at 0:58:

    TLDR: You’re not alone!

    • I TOTALLY get you. I love watching light and easy tv when I’m maxed out. I can never watch emotionally tragic tv or movies. Also, I LOVE that you referenced Seinfeld. The only show I own on DVD besides Gilmore Girls.

  • Yes, I second going to bed early. We stayed with my in laws for a few weeks this summer while my husband recovered from a surgery. I went to our room after putting my toddler down most nights. I have a hard time with sustained interactions (and it was even more draining out of my own space).

    • Exactly! When I’m not in my own home, it’s definitely a necessity to go to sleep early (or be in a room by myself).

  • Thanks for the advice! This will be very helpful!

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