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(so throw the party already) The internet is a scam and I’m here to tell you to host that dinner party already. If you’re like me, you log onto Instagram or Pinterest and you see a breathtaking kitchen. You stare lovingly at that photo with the exposed shelving — the mismatched ceramics still somehow

Last week, I asked my Instagram followers about money after listening to this episode of Call Your Girlfriend. I had them submit what they thought was confusing, what were their wins, what were their fails. I shared most of them over on my saved Instagram story titled, “Money” but I also wanted to s

  Yesterday, Elise had me on her podcast to wrap up The 100 Day Project (the third year in a row we’ve participated and discussed). You can listen to it here! I was able to express how this project felt in all its ups and downs. We ended the podcast and I felt like I […]

  Poem by Amy Turn Sharp Today I recorded an episode of Elise’s podcast to wrap up this 100 Day Project. In it, I shared that I had a long list of blog posts to write and it never happened. This honestly feels like a really great, literal metaphor for my life. I have a […]

Adam and I always love asking people about their drink of choice. I always order an Old Fashioned or something whiskey-centric. In the summer, I’ll sometimes go for a vodka soda with lime. If the bartender is super talented, I’ll let them make whatever. If you’re at a bar, what’s your go

  Today I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in so long and after a hug, he asked, “How’s Desh?” That’s exactly what I want people to ask me and I realized how offended I actually feel that more people don’t ask about my dog. Because let’s be honest…work is the

I’ve spent most of my teenage years battling breakouts and texture. I begged my mom to let me go tanning because I was using so much makeup to cover it up. Sadly, I convinced her because I could practice driving to the salon before getting my license. I tanned from age 15 until my mid-20s. […]

I’d be lying if I said I worked really hard to get this radish. Adam built our raised beds, ordered the seeds, grew them and transported them to said beds. This morning, I spotted a radish and I pulled it out. It’s sitting in our kitchen and I’m excited to eat it with homemade tacos. […

  As I’ve mentioned before, I really love cooking. Adam’s entire family is in town and his sister is vegan so I made this recipe from Against All Grain. Instead of ghee, I used vegan butter. It’s paleo, too. Delicious! And I love finding ways to use my Instant Pot. Do you have any favorit