Yesterday, Elise had me on her podcast to wrap up The 100 Day Project (the third year in a row we’ve participated and discussed). You can listen to it here! I was able to express how this project felt in all its ups and downs. We ended the podcast and I felt like I […]

  Poem by Amy Turn Sharp Today I recorded an episode of Elise’s podcast to wrap up this 100 Day Project. In it, I shared that I had a long list of blog posts to write and it never happened. This honestly feels like a really great, literal metaphor for my life. I have a […]

Adam and I always love asking people about their drink of choice. I always order an Old Fashioned or something whiskey-centric. In the summer, I’ll sometimes go for a vodka soda with lime. If the bartender is super talented, I’ll let them make whatever. If you’re at a bar, what’s your go

  Today I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in so long and after a hug, he asked, “How’s Desh?” That’s exactly what I want people to ask me and I realized how offended I actually feel that more people don’t ask about my dog. Because let’s be honest…work is the

  After taking photos of lots of people, you start hearing the same feedback or preferences. When I was taking a lot of portraits, the go-to was, “I don’t like taking photos when I’m smiling with my teeth because my cheeks get big.” Yep. That’s what cheeks do! If you felt self

  Later this month, we’re hosting a garage sale at The Wonder Jam studio and ALL money made will be donated to RAICES in Texas. Treating human beings like anything less than a human being is wrong. Treating people like they aren’t equal because they’re different is wrong. As a business ow

  A few years ago, Ashley invited me to participate in her campaign #theimperfectboss. I shared about how owning a business is lonely. This year, I was asked again to participate in #theimperfectwoman campaign and said, YES of course. Duh. Because I am exactly that. While I might have shared a couple of ye

I married my best friend 9 years ago today. Nine years ago to the minute (it’s 11:55pm), I was probably passed out, completely exhausted in our hotel room while Adam was ordering me pizza because I didn’t have time to eat dinner or our wedding cake. We had no idea what we had just gotten […]

The best advice I’ve ever received: Don’t go into debt Choose your friends, don’t let them choose you Exfoliate Prioritize sleep Be more of who you are What about you?

I took this photo at 9:03pm tonight. After a day of constant rain (and even flooding near our house), the sky seemed to open up to remind us of the longest day of the year. It made me think of the times I’ve flown into a new city, the sun beating down on the plane. […]

My heart breaks every time I read the news. Children will be forever damaged by what has been happening in this country. Families broken. Fear. Trauma. I’m almost left speechless. I blogged a few weeks ago about community and how there are moments in your life where you feel that community sweep over you.

Tonight I cried at a concert because the guy standing next to me was wearing the same cologne or aftershave that my grandpa wore. I wanted to tap his shoulder and ask, “Can you hug me?” But I figured that’d be weird. Instead, I smiled through the tears and hoped the band thought it was [&helli

I struggle with practicing gratitude. While I’m not a pessimistic person, I feel like my brain can bulldoze through the small things that make life grand. I’m working to practice gratitude, just like I would if I were trying to get better at learning a language. For me, that means writing down thing

One thing that bonds me and my dad is our love of food. We aren’t picky eaters. We’d probably try anything you sat in front of us. We send each other photos of our food and we love watching food shows. Anthony Bourdain was someone who opened our eyes to new places, cuisine and conversation. [&hellip

We’ve been spoiled lately with cooler weather. I wore a sweatshirt and jeans tonight! Adam’s parents visited today and landscaped a lot of our back patio (and the front yard, too) and it makes such a difference. It’s something that I don’t have an eye for (or skillset) and I’m tha

I had 8 hours of straight meetings (not even a lunch break!) today and this is all I’ve got. I have no wisdom. No witty captions. No insight. No revelations. I’m watching House Hunters. Need I say more?

I found a few grey hairs. When I was 16-years-old, I was buying some makeup at Target and the cashier said, “Aw that’s so cute! You have a purse.” When I was 21-years-old, I drove down to Florida for spring break with my best friend. I was offered a kids menu one night. A lady on […]

I felt like I was really thriving two years ago. But that’s my personality and wiring talking. I was thriving in specific ways but not as a whole person. So what was up with 2016 you may ask? I was on a really strict diet for health reasons. I weighed the least I’ve ever weighed […]

I’ve been hopping from state to state over the past two weeks. To New York, then Indiana, back to Ohio and then on the hottest day of the year (So far…101 degrees!!) I drove to Illinois to see my family. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve loved solo trips to see my parents. If I think […]

To the little pup who’s brought me so much joy over the last 9 years. I can’t believe Desh is 9-years-old! When we got married in 2009, we lived in Columbus and I didn’t have a job. Newly married, I looked at Adam sweetly and said “We should get a puppy!” I didn’t have a [&he

What did you do when you were a kid? How did you spend your time? I’ve been asked this question before. “What did you enjoy as a kid? Do more of that.” I think it’s an amazing exercise to work through. As we’ve slowly grown The Wonder Jam, I’m always aware of what type of [&h

Hey, it’s me. I’m 31 now! I know, I know. So young. I just wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you and what your life might look like. I’m trying to make decisions right now that will help life be all the more enjoyable. You probably remember since, well, I am you (but […]

One of my dreams is to become an art collector. As of right now, I don’t have any wall space in my home to accommodate a collection any larger than I have. It would still be fun to collect artwork, give an artist that I love money and keep the art stacked until I have […]

I just realized setting the featured image as one of our wedding photos on a post titled, “It just won’t take,” is probably not a good idea but hopefully, you keep reading and you get it. A few weeks ago, someone asked me if I still don’t wear jewelry. And the answer is, “I do not

The other day I had two similar thoughts… The first thought was, “I’m so thankful for the person who discovered the avocado was edible.” Or maybe I should be thanking the person who started importing produce to parts of the world that don’t grow them… The other thought was, &

We moved into our house in April 2016. When we first toured the place, the back patio was completely covered in snow. We had no idea how much of it was concrete or where there was grass but we loved it. Like I’ve mentioned before, it’s really secluded. The patio is sandwiched right between the [&hel

We don’t have a dining room (or even a full dining table) in our house. Our last place (a townhouse) had its own enclosed dining area and I loved it. We strung lights and had Sunday dinners. If our current house didn’t have a back enclosed patio area, I would be super sad. It allows […]

I grew up in a home where makeup and shopping wasn’t a focus. My parents didn’t drink. I wore a uniform to Catholic school where I wasn’t allowed to wear logos on my socks or even nude nail polish. My high school friends and I didn’t drink. I went to a tiny college in the […]

My grandpa owned a lake house my entire life. From what I hear, they found out my mom was pregnant with me the year they bought it. He’d be able to know exactly how long they had it just by looking at me. “25 years!” he’d proclaim (when I was 25). The timing of them […]

I’m pretty sure spring has finally scooted into Ohio. I think we can take our plants outside soon. Last night might have been the last night it hit freezing overnight. It feels good. I took this photo last summer out at Adam’s uncle’s cabin in Indiana. I have great memories of that night. We