Food Prep


Last week’s (and next week’s) food prep will be a little different for me. I’m at my parents’ house for over two weeks with my younger sister (who has 3 autoimmune diseases and is limited in her diet). Thankfully, my mom stocked up on all the ingredients we both normally use (nuts, grain-free flours, produce, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, honey, palm shortening, coconut oil, coconut aminos, etc). I also arrived to find a lot of grass-fed or organic meats in the freezer. The best surprise? An order of Capello’s grain-free pasta. It’s super expensive so I never buy it for myself but it’s always a nice treat when I spend time at home with my sister.

Since I didn’t really need to go grocery shopping, I took inventory of what my mom had and made a menu from there.


Sunday dinner: Homemade cheese pizza (again, I use this crust mix)

Monday dinner: Capello’s pasta with alfredo sauce (I make up my own alfredo with butter, garlic, cream cheese, heavy whipping cream and parm)

Tuesday dinner: Chuck roast in the crockpot with Every Last Crumb‘s biscuits

Wednesday dinner: Waffles and bacon

Thursday dinner: Filipino Adobo and quinoa

Friday dinner: Ground beef tacos with tortillas or lettuce wraps

*Breakfasts usually consist of smoothies and coffee. Lunches consist of tuna, sweet potatoes, sandwiches

Food Prep

Since I’m feeling a bit burnt out on sweet potato hash, I decided to prep some new items. I whipped up a loaf of Against All Grain’s blender bread, her chocolate chip cookies (omg so good and easy) and some almond milk.



February 5, 2015