Last week, I asked my Instagram followers about money after listening to this episode of Call Your Girlfriend. I had them submit what they thought was confusing, what were their wins, what were their fails. I shared most of them over on my saved Instagram story titled, “Money” but I also wanted to s

I’ve spent most of my teenage years battling breakouts and texture. I begged my mom to let me go tanning because I was using so much makeup to cover it up. Sadly, I convinced her because I could practice driving to the salon before getting my license. I tanned from age 15 until my mid-20s. […]

I’d be lying if I said I worked really hard to get this radish. Adam built our raised beds, ordered the seeds, grew them and transported them to said beds. This morning, I spotted a radish and I pulled it out. It’s sitting in our kitchen and I’m excited to eat it with homemade tacos. […

  As I’ve mentioned before, I really love cooking. Adam’s entire family is in town and his sister is vegan so I made this recipe from Against All Grain. Instead of ghee, I used vegan butter. It’s paleo, too. Delicious! And I love finding ways to use my Instant Pot. Do you have any favorit

When the news gets you down and you work late or you’re feelin’ under the weather, it’s okay to disconnect for a few minutes (or a few hours or even a few days). We don’t have a vacation planned anytime soon so I’ve been trying to find a few ways to enjoy time away from […]

When I first graduated from college, I knew nothing about cooking. It was a widely known fact that “Allie was never in the kitchen.” It wasn’t until I went gluten-free (and then avoided most sugar and grain) that I started getting better at cooking. Now, I’d like to say that I’m pr

I’ve had this post in mind for awhile and I was reminded of it when I got a text from my friend Val and realized I never responded to an older text (I am notorious for this). She asked what I bought at Thrive Market and mentioned, “Maybe make this a blog post?!” I thought […]

I cooked every meal this weekend. I was much less social. I feel energetic, I ate whole foods. I struggle with being back in the kitchen because, due to the size of our home (and lack of dining room), that means I’m a homebody. Now that it’s warm, we do have the opportunity to host […]

About two weeks ago, I posted about some recent skincare/makeup purchases. As promised, here are my thoughts: 1. Hourglass Veil powder : It’s official – I can never tell the difference between setting powders. They all seem the same to me! I don’t use any setting powder all over my face &#821

I’m currently trying to consistently consume certain things. Food at specific restaurants, shows, books, alcohol, online classes. If I don’t try, then I just sit watch Instagram stories or online shop. I call this my intentional vs default state of being. Here’s the thing, I can work really ha

I usually skip posts (and videos on YouTube) about what products beauty-focused people recently bought or received. I figure they receive a lot of product for free or we hear about products they buy with their own money (but then we never hear how they like them). I thought I’d share some products that I

I was so naive. I would wear those cotton t-shirts to bed. And shorts recommended for long runs. Some might sleep in the nude but I like feeling like I’m hugged by fabric. I also need to have a heavy comforter (so we keep our room cold). I don’t wear socks. I’m not a serial […]

I’ve never been paid to endorse anything but I understand why it might be appealing (if you already love that product). But I’m here, as an unpaid blogger, to share some of my favorite skincare/makeup products that I constantly run out of and then re-purchase. When I say repurchase, I mean it. I don

I may have mentioned this before but my creativity and mood are very aligned with the seasons here in Ohio. In the winter, I retreat and hunker down. Our hope is that next winter, we literally retreat to someplace warmer. I also tend to get lazy. Lazy in a physical way. Lazy in a creative […]

Over the weekend, I started reading my friend Brandi’s book. It’s called Myths of Being Human and it’s been such a special read so far. Back in January, I ended up (unintentionally) hanging out with Brandi at a big gala at the art museum and enjoyed our conversation so much. We talked about th

A couple years ago I got into a morning routine kick. I would wake up 2-3 hours before I started my self-employment work day and it was amazing. Then some health issues popped up and fatigue reared its ugly head. I couldn’t wake up early to save my own life (maybe Adam or my dog’s […]

I haven’t had a drink since New Year’s Eve. Since 2015. It’s August 22, 2016. That’s 235 days. I have some friends who say they couldn’t go that long without a drink. Some friends shrug their shoulders and admit that they could give it up. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t h

As some of you may know, I’ve been on the Candida Diet for…this entire freakin’ year. I’m serious. Since January 9th. I’ve probably eaten out less than 10 times total and right now I’m trying to stay pretty strict again before I see my integrative/functional MD at the end of

We all evolve and change. That’s a fact. For me, personally, I seek out change. I try to learn about others’ stories and experiences, I try my best to read about things I know nothing about and I’m greatly changed daily by my husband (in the best possible way). Last week, Adam and I presented

I read this article a few months ago that discussed the fact that we don’t celebrate enough. Celebrating things could actually lead to healthier, happier, longer lives. I’ve thought about this article a lot since I first read it. I can get so caught up in running a business or addressing my health

This post will be VERY detailed and specific. I’ve been asked countless times to share my story and this seemed like the perfect place! Perhaps it will help someone else out there but if it’s a bore – feel free to skip right over. I’ve had debilitating allergy-like symptoms since I move

I have a vivid memory (and if you know me well then you know I don’t remember anything). I’m lying on my parents’ couch. My head is pounding. I’m supposed to go camping with my friends because we’re finally seniors in high school but I can’t sit up without feeling like I migh

Two things sparked this post. A video of Lady Gaga talking about how she almost quit music two years ago. But she took a step back and decided to stop doing things she didn’t want to do. Not more selling perfume. No more rubbing shoulders with people she didn’t like. Creativity was getting the backs

Between our trip to San Diego and Los Angeles, we drove through the mountains and visited one of our clients! Bethany started Primally Pure right on their farm and sells deodorant, lotions, outdoor lotion and lip balm made from REAL ingredients. Their farm, Primal Pastures, is beautiful. We ate fruit off the t

I had really subtle allergies as a kid and into college. Nothing debilitating. But then I moved to Ohio. I don’t know if my body changed or if I’m allergic to every tree/plant in the midwest, but it’s been crazy. For the first few years here, I just didn’t have the money to invest into [

SPOILER ALERT: I don’t use all natural/organic stuff on my skin. I’m vowing to change it, however, so while this is my “current skincare” routine…it will be different by fall. I’ll keep you posted as I change things out. As women, we tend to get down on ourselves but after ph

It snowed on Monday. It will be in the 30’s this weekend. Can’t it just be spring already? I supposed I should be grateful because my spring allergies haven’t kicked it yet. Speaking of allergies, I’m going to give acupuncture a try this year! I won’t do shots and I eat relatively

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve seen that I had been considering beauty vlogging (video blogging combined into one word). I tried it out and actually hated it. I joked on my latest Instagram post that Desh wasn’t too thrilled while I was in front of the camera (he thought I was talking t

For the past month, I’ve been craving fruit. You know when you go somewhere and they have a fruit bowl, but no one really ever eats it? I’ve been eating it. I’ll take a banana (after asking, of course) or snag an orange when a client brings snacks. And no, I’m not pregnant!!!! Then last