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Right in between Thanksgiving and hosting a party for 100+ people, we moved. It was the worst and best timing, ever. I really love our new place and after my friend Meghan came to visit, it felt so cozy and more like home. The bedroom featured above is our guest room – isn’t it pretty? I love it so much and I think it’s because there’s no clutter. Our bedroom is always a disaster area with all the clothes and shoes. (PS that table below was $4 at a thrift shop. Oh yeah.)






It’s still lacking things like curtains and we lost so much kitchen space but moving is a great opportunity to get rid of all the stuff you think you need. I have about 6 pots and pans that I never use but stress about not having room for them. My mom gave me this amazing ceramic skillet for Christmas and now I feel like it’s the perfect excuse to get rid of all that non-stick stuff.

How was your 2014? Are you excited about the new year? I am. I so, so am. I’ll share more about that next week. Glad to be back to blogging.

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  • Moving can be wonderful. Even though one year later I am still working on the little stuff, like decoration, curtains and stuff.
    Enjoy your new home :)

    • It’s fun that it’s never REALLY done. Hoping to get curtains soon. I think it will eliminate the slight draft I feel while on the couch :)

  • Your place looks great! I’m glad the move worked out in between being so busy ;) Happy New Year Allie!!!

    • Thanks lady!! We thought about attempting to make our bed like you guys did but we’ll wait til we buy a king mattress.

  • Looks lovely and bright! Let’s hang soon. Glad to see you’re back to blogging.

    Which ceramic skillet did you get? I have been seriously paring back on our possessions over the last couple of months, and I would recommend The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up if you’re looking for a “method” on purchasing goods and getting rid of ones you already have.

    • Yes let’s get coffee again soon. or I’ll come over because I still haven’t seen your place!!

      I got the one from mercola.com – the 12 inch. It’s pretty huge but I love it. And totally buying that book now!

  • Beautiful home. I love how you put your books on shelf by colors. Happy new year!!

    • Thanks Eileen! We started doing that in our old place and I just love it. It’s funny how many more black and white books we have than other colors too!

  • The space looks great and I love the color of the floors! Great job styling the shelves with the camera and liquor. The symmetry + colors + shapes + designs look awesome together. *heart eyes emoji*

    Also, your bed is kind of killer. Dat headboard, doeee.

    Neha // http://nehasharmaphoto.com/blog

    • Thank you!! I must admit, Meghan and Adam really do help with styling. Sometimes I just struggle with figuring out how to make 3D spaces look good.

      Thanks re: headboard. It’s from Overstock and super affordable. That’s our guest bedroom. Master bedroom pics coming later!!

  • Love your bedroom… and your bed!

  • I absolutely LOVE it! So fresh and so you two! XO!

  • It looks so, so lovely! I admire your integration of color – it still looks minimalist even with a splash here and there.

    I’m a stickler for no clutter too and it’s funny because I grew up in a super cluttered house. My mom thinks that minimalist decor looks sterile, but I’d honestly be happy as a clam sitting a room with white walls, a desk and a bed.

    I’m doing the Apartment Therapy January “Cure.” Have you ever tried it?

    • That was totally my friend Meghan. I was aiming at stark white/grey but she was like – “hey you love color. we can do it well.” I’m so glad I trusted her!! Checking out Cure now!

  • looks great Allie!!

  • Ashli Nixon

    Your place is beautiful Allie! Looks so tranquil and cozy.

  • Your new place looks so fresh and bright. Are the string lights in the guest bedroom bright enough to act as a main source of light? My lantern lamp is too dull, so I’m considering a string light above the bed to be able to read/see at night.

    • Yes they are! I’m so surprised at how bright they are. They are slightly larger bulbs though so I would suggest getting some like that (not like traditional christmas lights). It adds such a great light source without a lamp!

  • Your new place looks great Allison! I also recently moved into my new place and I am still working on decorating it. I can totally relate to the excitement you must be feeling!
    Happy New Year!

  • Congrats, your home looks beautiful! We moved in September and just 3 days ago finally bought a couch. So, 3.5 months later, it finally feels like we live here. (PS, what thrift store did that table come from? I want.) :-)

    • Isn’t it weird how couches make you feel more settled?? The thrift store was Ohio Thrift! It was broken but we fixed it. Love goods finds like that.

  • Happy New Year! Your new guest room looks very inviting. How was the Christmas City Swap? I loved my package and received a nice e-mail from my swap partner saying that she enjoyed the package I sent. Looking forward to seeing the others.

  • Love your house! Your style is simple and cozy! I also love the colors your use. We have a similar scheme in our house.

    Also, random, but I read your blog often and since I saw that you want to post more in 2015, I nominated you for this blog thing I was nominated for. Just an interview-type post. Totally understand if you’re not interested, but if you are, info is here: https://comfortandchaos.wordpress.com/2015/01/15/sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award/

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