1. We’ve been trying to get into a process when it comes to our business. We’re asking a lot of questions. How do we track projects? How do we track invoicing? How do we handle our retainer clients? Do we need to hire soon? Do we need to charge more? What’s my time worth? We build websites, we design logos, we do consulting, we do photography, video, social marketing. It’s a lot!
  2. Yesterday on our day off (we take Sundays off now) we did a little work. But it felt like fun! We mopped the floors, hung things on the walls and finished staining the table at the new studio.
  3. You can see a sneak peek of my desk up above! I’m twiddling my thumbs until I can upgrade to a 27″ iMac!
  4. Sweet treats and a beautiful photoshoot happened last Thursday at Cherbourg Bakery. I’m extremely excited about sharing their site re-design!

This week I’m off to Las Vegas and then hopping over to San Diego! I can’t even WAIT for the warm weather. I’m tired of tensing up every time I go outside in order to brace myself for a cold gust of wind…

March 10, 2014