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I’m not going to lie — I literally cannot think of a single thing to blog about this week. Literally. Mind=blank. With this blankness, I give you my recent iPhone photos. I’ve been completely preoccupied with a freelance wedding project. I’ve designed, proofed, printed, stamped, addressed, and am still in the process of stuffing the invitations. Very overwhelming at times but it’s so worth it when you see the final product. This – while balancing my day job, other freelance projects, romance with my husband, AND sleep – has my blog sitting over in the corner shivering in the cold…abandoned. Okay that was dramatic. I’ve also recently decided to go gluten free! We’ll save that for another blog post.

The thing is, Adam always tells me, “Sometimes you can’t do everything. Sometimes something has to be put on the back burner.” It’s true!

So for now, look at my pictures and I’ll do my best to think of something fun to share tomorrow. And yes…I have a pet mouse a work. And I gave her a Valentine yesterday.

What tends to get pushed to the side when you’re overwhelmed or stressed? Sleep? Friends? Housework? Something else?

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  • Definitely sleep.

    However, thankfully, my sense of humor seems to go on overdrive…which, from the inside, keeps me from going insane…and from the outside, probably makes me look completely bat-shit crazy.

    • I don’t think sleep has ever gotten pushed aside when I get stressed or busy. I can’t function AT ALL if I don’t get enough. I’m a baby.

  • It’s bad to say, but my full time job often gets pushed to the side when blog, jewelry and free lance are going well. Its as if my brain wants me to be there constantly. So I often have to reign it in and remind myself. Full time job is your bread and butter. So you better work and live that double life until your ready to make the jump. But the jump has been coming up more and more… Do you ever think of relying on freelance and design completely??

    • Shelley, that happens to me too with my day job. It’s so easy to just go through the motions at work if I’m overly stimulated with freelance and blogging. But you’re right…when the paycheck comes and I appreciate my health insurance…I snap out of it.

      And yes I DO think about making the jump to freelance full time :) Possibly next year! Do you?

  • Haha way to bury the lead – “I’ve also decided recently to go gluten free!” <– that's definitely a thing to blog about. I think my own health and good eating habits get pushed aside, sadly.

    • It’s true! But I didn’t want to go into much detail about the whole gluten-free thing until more time passes and I can share why I went gluten free, how I feel (after making the switch) and then some of my favorite recipes.

      I’m thinking I’ll do a post about it in March. So far, I feel SO much better. But I can relate to the health and good eating habits. I totally slack on that when I’m stressed. I don’t workout because I’m “too busy” and then I get take out food because I don’t want to cook. Not good.

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