I get a lot of emails with similar questions so I thought I’d create a page to help answer them! Feel free to contact me directly, too!

What cameras do you use? When I’m shooting film, I’m either using my Canon A-1, Pentax K1000 or my Minolta SRT-201. I shoot with Kodak Ektar 100 film and 50 mm lenses. When I’m shooting digital, I use my Canon 5D Mark iii with my Canon 85mm 1.2, 50mm 1.4 or my Sigma 35mm 1.4!

Do you accept ads or sponsors? I don’t currently have sidebar ads but I’m always open to sponsored posts.

Do you host giveaways? I sure do! If I feel like it’s a good fit – I’d love to collaborate.

What breed is your dog? Desh is a cockapoo!

Why did you choose to go gluten-free? After suffering from fatigue, migraines, bloating, a poor immune system and much, much more…I decided to go gluten-free in 2012 to see if it would correct a lot of those issues. I’m happy to say that it has and I have never felt better!

Why do you choose to eat grain-free/sugar-free? After going gluten-free, I decided (after a lot of reading and research) to cut grain and sugar from my diet. I now cook grain-free and try to avoid sugar. I do eat fruit like berries/kiwi (low sugar) and cook with stevia or local honey when I need sweeteners. See below for links to my favorite grain and sugar-free resources.


Here’s a breakdown of products, services, and sites that I support and love! Some of the products below are linked to a referral link (through which I receive points or a commission) but I chose to curate this list on my own.

Professional Services:

Media Temple: This is where we host my own websites and client sites. We pay for their dedicated virtual hosting after having many issues with shared hosting.

Namecheap: Where I register domains!

Crucial.com: Where I go to upgrade RAM + hard drives.

Lynda.com: So many software tutorials – I will always be learning!

Harvest: We use this to invoice because it allows our international clients to pay easily while working with conversion rates.

Basecamp + Slack: How we stay on task, collaborate and get things done.



Detoxinista: Lots of great gluten-free, grain-free + paleo recipes!

Elena’s Pantry: I love it all.

The Domestic Man: For those that love lots of different kinds of foods

Against All Grain: AMAZING Paleo recipes.


All rights reserved. Original content (e.g. photographs, collages, images, and designs) are all copyright, The Wonder Jam, 2013-2015.

I definitely do not mind if you share my photography, design or original posts but please link with love and credit appropriately. If you are pinning any of my images, please do so from the actual post (not my main blog URL).

Keep in mind that some links may be affiliate links and by clicking (and purchasing something), I may make a commission or earn credit.

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Comments (5)

  • Hey there, you may want to check out chocolatecoveredkatie.com, it’s vegan and can often be tailored to gluten-free. The recipes are easy and super delish. I love the oatmeal-raisin breakfast cookies, the cosmic peppermint patties, oh man, so good and honestly it’s mostly healthy ingredients! The Spunky Coconut is great too, she has some really good vegan ice cream recipes, and a great video on making cashew milk. Sorry, I’m babbling. Gluten-free yumminess makes me babble :)

  • Alexane

    Hi Allison — I’m Alexane too, but with an X :)

    I adore your blog and so thankful to have stumbled upon it with great enthusiasm. Blogging has always been a weakness of mine because I can never set up one that I’m truly happy with. I’ve tried blogging a total of 3 times and failed every time because of dedication. Honestly, I’m horrible with technology and html codes, or web design. I love literature, education, travelling, and writing as they were my majors so blogging was always a platform of escapism and expression.

    I’m a travelling teacher and I’ve always hoped to exude some of my experiences and dotes on my two greatest passion in life. I wanted to ask if you do web design or blog set up for people? If so, do you have a portfolio that I can refer to or any pricing? I’m currently looking for anyone who can help me set up my 4th and final blog using google’s blogspot. Your blog is something that I see myself attaining, if I were half as talented as you are with designs! I think what has been putting me off were the template and background – I’ve never been happy with them and it never feels like my own “home” for writing. If you’re able to help, that would be amazing.

    Thank you so much for your time and please keep up the magnificent work. It’s so wonderful to zoom through your blog and find inspiration. I love everything about it and can definitely “see” a little who you are (sorry if that sounds creepy), but it definitely reaches out to your readers.


    • Hi Alli!

      Thanks for your sweet comment! I totally understand how you feel with all the technical things that come with blogging. I do help others’ design their blogs but on a self-hosted WordPress blog. Would you be open to that platform? If not, I’d be happy to ask around to see if any of my designer friends set up Blogspot blogs!


  • hdsmith

    curious where this template is from? i just saw this blog http://forthandwildblog.com and you both have the same layout, but neither of you credit where its from- very interested in the designer and want to see what other layouts they make! thanks for your help =)

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