I’m SO glad you’ll be participating in this month’s photo challenge! This month the theme is: CAPTURE LIFE (inspired be these photos).

Photograph ANYTHING that you believe captures life. This is a really broad theme and opens it up to lots of interpretation. There are four full weeks in November and the schedule will work like this:

  • Week 1: Start shooting Sunday, November 4th. Submit your photo by Sunday, November 11th at 8pm EST.
  • Week 2: Start shooting Sunday, November 11th. Submit your photo by Sunday, November 18th at 8pm EST.
  • Week 3: Start shooting Sunday, November 18th. Submit your photo by Sunday, November 25th at 8pm EST.
  • Week 4: Start shooting Sunday, November 25th. Submit your photo by Sunday, December 2nd at 8PM EST.

I will post the submissions as a collection each Tuesday after you have all submitted! If you want to see how my past photo challenges have worked, check them out here. Here are some other details:

  • You must submit through my blog (HERE) for your photo to be published.
  • Make sure your photo is 600 px wide, .JPG format, & include your website link if you want anything linked back to you.
  • You can use any type of camera that you want! This includes digital, film, iPhone, etc.
  • Feel free to edit any way you’d like.
  • If tweeting or Instagramming about (0r during) the challenge, use the hashtag #capturingLIFE
  • No judges or prizes this time! I wanted this challenge to be more of a fun, personal challenge for you all (and not really a contest). There won’t be a winner – but I will be sharing your photos/links with all my readers every time you submit!
  • No nudity, weird crap, or violence. I have the right to refuse any entry.

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