I’ve seen Spin Thread’s work on a few blogs and thought- heck another feature never hurt anyone! I love these necklaces and can’t imagine how much work goes into each one! Check out the shop here!

Saw this over at BB-Blog and LOVED it. Stay up and Make Something. Something I can relate to. You can purchase a print for $35. And get this– they mixed the blank ink with coffee as well as glow in the dark paint. Originally found here.

Christmas was wonderful and I received some very special gifts. Another week of work and then I’ll be headed to my hometown with Adam to celebrate Christmas again and 2010 will be here. I truly hope you had a great time with family and friends and that your year was a year to remember. Whether […]

I “star” my favorite blog posts in Google Reader and then I tend to share them here on my own. Recently, I saw a theme developing in my favorites. Take a look. You can click on the image to take you to it’s brilliant source.