Whew! 33 photos for day 3 and they’re all amazing. As the challenge continues, it will be interesting to start noticing each person’s style. I seriously am amazed as the email submissions start coming in during the day. Below are links to those who submitted: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | […]

Last week I was able to enjoy a quiet wine tasting at Camelot Cellars here in Columbus, Ohio. To say it was enjoyable would be an understatement. Not only did I learn SO much about red wine but I had a great time talking to Janine (the owner) and soaking up their newly renovated space. […]

Today’s challenge: take a photo of what you wore! I loved seeing how each photo varied in style and composition. I had 25 submissions (besides mine) and I challenge anyone to jump on the band wagon at any time! After Day 1 submissions, a lot of you were interested in who the other 24 pretty […]

I’m seriously blown away at the talent + beauty of these photos! I had 25 submissions and I adore each one. Some of you included funny comments and information about your photos. I would LOVE for you to share things like that so if you want, you can join this Flickr group and upload your […]

You guys! ONE WEEK until the 30 Day Photo Challenge kicks off. I’m beyond excited. If you haven’t seen the list of photo challenges, click here (also displayed below this post). For those that will be sharing their photos here on my blog, below are the guidelines: Please upload them through my blog

I’ve decided that the 30 Day Photo Challenge will take place in September! Since I’ll be shooting film, I’m going to start tomorrow (August 1st), finish by August 30th, and post starting September 1st. For those that want to shoot in real time/digital, you have a month to start brainstorming!

The other day, I bought the Lomography.com Groupon ($20 for $50 worth of product). I began browsing and decided that I’ll be purchasing the La Sardina! I’m so excited and even found a couple photos on Flickr taken with the camera. A little more info found on lomography.com:  These 35mm cameras are

I recently shared my idea for a new series based on challenges. I’ll definitely be partaking in the 30 Day Photo Challenge next. I would REALLY love to shoot film so I’m trying to decide if I’ll shoot during August & post in September. Let me know if you’re interested and if August/

As you may have noticed, I’ve added a few “Featured Post” tabs over on my sidebar (one of them being a 30 Day Challenge tab)! I’m going to (possibly) change it to something more generic so it will allow me to take on shorter challenges. You might be wondering, “What types of challe

The heavy oversized purse? Love it. But it hurts my shoulders. Small, cute clutch? Love it. But it’s annoying to hold and I drop it all the time. So, backpack. I need one. Which one should I get? Found here, here, here and here.

Earth tones, wood, and a random collection of inspiring things. That’s what I want my office to look like someday. 1|2|3

I love Zara. The next time I have a little money to spend, I’m going to order a few pieces. Although, shopping online never seems to work for me. And no, I don’t know why my “dots” look like “commas.” 1|2|3|4

I recently came across The Burning House and I was instantly sucked in. I clicked, read, and soaked in all the posts in one sitting. Anyone can submit their photo/illustration to depict exactly what they would take with them. The site explains, “If your house was burning, what would you take with you?

It’s true, I’ve found the perfect summer bracelet. I snagged one of Kate’s lovely bracelets and I absolutely love it! Be sure to check out her blog and shop and hopefully you can snag one too! (I think I used the word “snag” one too many times.)

I’ve been really drawn towards horse-related-art lately. Kind of odd since I don’t necessarily like horses. I took a horse back riding class in college and it wasn’t my favorite experience at the time. Photos found here and here.

Some of the books that have been piling up on my bookshelf. Must read soon. I’m halfway done with The Easter Parade. I love it.

The 30 Day Drawing Challenge is officially over! It was definitely more difficult than I thought it would be. Life, obviously, gets in the way of drawing/scanning/blogging but I gained so much from the challenge. I learned that you all are seriously talented (even if you don’t consider yourself an artist

Attention blog readers: I totally dropped the ball with this 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I haven’t posted May 26, 27, OR 28th. I’ll be posting a compilation post tomorrow (er…today?) at 3pm EST with drawings from the past few days. SO, if you have any drawings or want to “catch up,”

Oops. I failed the challenge. Here are the last drawings all combined into one. I was out of town visiting family and friends (and having a wonderful time). So while it’s an excuse, that is life. Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw a couple. Whatever that means? If you want your drawing included, email

Today’s challenge was to draw something you want! I wasn’t able to get my drawing in (I’m blogging from Illinois/my brother’s high school graduation party). BUT Benji and Carley drew! Benji drew that he wants TODAY! Carley said after being diagnosed with a fish allergy…all she want

10 more days! I can’t believe it’s already the 20th. Today’s challenge was to draw something orange. For me, I think a drawing or design can be very powerful when you evoke the visualization of color (even if it’s black and white). I drew an orange construction/traffic cone. They’r

Something new! I drew my NEW love of Yoga. I’ve done yoga before and thought it to be too fluffy and easy but now that I’m doing P90X, I find it really challenging and I love it! Benji drew a new hoodie. Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw something orange! If you want yours included in […]

DOODLE! That was today’s challenge. Sometimes I think my brain thinks in doodles. Benji‘s doodle. He said, “Video killed the radio star.” And a new contributor, Crystal! Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw something new (whatever that means to you). If you want your drawing to be inclu

Today’s challenge was to draw your favorite plant! Mine is a weeping willow. Obviously the leaves fall vertically but for this blog, it looked better horizontal. Steven glanced at the list and thought today’s challenge was to draw your favorite planEt. However, he ended up subconsciously writing &#8