The last week of #capturingLIFE! Small amount of submissions this week. Overall, I definitely felt that this challenge was the “easiest” but I also felt that since that lack of difficulty was missing…it wasn’t quite as exciting. I tend to favor the other challenges I’ve hosted wher

Yes!!! I’m back after not blogging for a whole week! Felt so weird but it happens. I am officially switched over to Media Temple and am running on a dedicated virtual server which means I will not experience downtime weekly because of some other shared user. It was getting frustrating – especially

Week 2 of #capturingLIFE! I love this batch. I think Tara’s might be my favorite. It feels full of MORE life than last week (if that’s possible). I took mine during a client shoot – how cute are those girls?? It’s a fun photo challenge this time around because it can be interpreted so di

Here are all the submissions for Week 1 of my #capturingLIFE photo challenge! I loved seeing the variety and how everyone interpreted the concept of capturing life. You can see that some were capturing day-to-day moments and others were more representational. I shot my photo when I was down at Ash Cave this pas