The 30 Day Drawing Challenge is officially over! It was definitely more difficult than I thought it would be. Life, obviously, gets in the way of drawing/scanning/blogging but I gained so much from the challenge. I learned that you all are seriously talented (even if you don’t consider yourself an artist

Attention blog readers: I totally dropped the ball with this 30 Day Drawing Challenge. I haven’t posted May 26, 27, OR 28th. I’ll be posting a compilation post tomorrow (er…today?) at 3pm EST with drawings from the past few days. SO, if you have any drawings or want to “catch up,”

Today’s challenge (although a bit late) was to draw scenery! This is what I mostly see all day… Steven drew his view out of the airplane! How nice. Randi drew something nice and natural! Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw something you DON’T like. If you want yours included, email me at hi@

Oops. I failed the challenge. Here are the last drawings all combined into one. I was out of town visiting family and friends (and having a wonderful time). So while it’s an excuse, that is life. Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw a couple. Whatever that means? If you want your drawing included, email

Today’s challenge was to draw something you want! I wasn’t able to get my drawing in (I’m blogging from Illinois/my brother’s high school graduation party). BUT Benji and Carley drew! Benji drew that he wants TODAY! Carley said after being diagnosed with a fish allergy…all she want

10 more days! I can’t believe it’s already the 20th. Today’s challenge was to draw something orange. For me, I think a drawing or design can be very powerful when you evoke the visualization of color (even if it’s black and white). I drew an orange construction/traffic cone. They’r

Something new! I drew my NEW love of Yoga. I’ve done yoga before and thought it to be too fluffy and easy but now that I’m doing P90X, I find it really challenging and I love it! Benji drew a new hoodie. Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw something orange! If you want yours included in […]

DOODLE! That was today’s challenge. Sometimes I think my brain thinks in doodles. Benji‘s doodle. He said, “Video killed the radio star.” And a new contributor, Crystal! Tomorrow’s challenge is to draw something new (whatever that means to you). If you want your drawing to be inclu

Today’s challenge was to draw your favorite plant! Mine is a weeping willow. Obviously the leaves fall vertically but for this blog, it looked better horizontal. Steven glanced at the list and thought today’s challenge was to draw your favorite planEt. However, he ended up subconsciously writing &#8

Today’s challenge was to draw your inspiration. Mine is a bit abstract and encompasses a lot. What inspires me? Life, the sun, organic relationships, nature, others that are real and not fake. The list could go on but I thought it was best displayed this way. Steven drew old Nicktoons! Benji drew Michael

Oops. Skipped day 9 since it was in my birthday and I didn’t really spend any time at my computer. It was so nice out! Today’s challenge was to draw your favorite candy. Mine has always been Reeses Pieces (because of E.T). Steven was thinking peanut butter and chocolate too! Yum. Tomorrow’s ch

Just the two of ours today! Mine’s Bambi. I even watched it last night (my parents got me the DVD for my birthday. Did you know that movie was made in 1942?? Crazy.). Steven‘s favorite animated character is Tommy Pickles. Love Rugrats. Tomorrow’s challenge: favorite tv show! Could be the cast,

It’s been 7 days! Today’s challenge was to draw your favorite word. Mine is rococo. Steven likes sassafras. Benji likes radical. Tomorrow’s challenge: favorite animated character! I suppose you can’t get TOO imaginative with this one since…it’s already drawn. If you want your

Oops I’m a little late on this one. I took the day off to spend time with my family and realized about 15 minutes ago that I had forgotten to schedule this post. Anyways, here are our favorite book characters (books that aren’t movies). Mine’s my favorite book as a kid, Mandy by Julie Andrews.

BFFs! Today’s challenge was to draw your best friend. I drew Adam, obviously. Steven and Benji drew their wives! Looks like we’re doing something right. Tomorrows challenge: draw your favorite character from a book (only books that have NOT been made into movies…because then we’d just en

Today’s challenge: draw your favorite place. My favorite place? Any art museum. Whether it’s a local museum, the MOMA, or the Met…I love it. Steven loves Disney! Benji loves the arcade! Christopher sent in his drawing and I have to admit…my bed probably comes in second place. I love slee

Cookies? Pizza? Pad Thai? What’s your favorite food? Mine’s sushi. Any kind really, I’m not picky. I decided that I really loved the boldness of Steven’s drawings so I used my handy dandy Sharpie (no bleed) marker. See? I’m learning already. Steven went with nachos. Yum! And I&#821

It’s day 2 of my 30 Day Drawing Challenge and today’s drawing is: your favorite animal. I’ve always loved dolphins and even did a lovely project on them in 3rd grade. I freakin’ love Steven’s hippo drawing. I think my dolphin and his hippo would be friends in real life. The reason

Happy May Day! Today marks the first day in my 30 Day Drawing Challenge and I’m pretty excited! Steven Stevens, a designer and illustrator located in Oregon, will be sharing his drawings here daily too. Today’s drawing: draw yourself! If you’re interested in sharing your drawings here on my bl

Last week I saw this pin on Pinterest and I instantly loved the idea. Starting May 1st, I’ll be taking the challenge and posting a drawing per day here on my blog each afternoon. If you’d like to do it on your own, please please do! If you’d like to share your drawing on my […]