I came across this quote the other day on Pinterest. I’ve heard it before…perhaps in the form of “Real Simple,” or maybe I realized it on my own while volunteering here in Columbus. Either way, I haven’t really done it until recently. I was creating my “24 Things to Do at 24&

Tribal? Trendy? Timeless? I’m thinking trendy. Although it HAS been around…since forever. So maybe timeless? Just no tribal tattoos, people. 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Who doesn’t love a little Mumford and Sons for their Monday morning? (or afternoon if you’re visiting from across the ocean!) I had a great weekend visiting my family in Illinois. This week I’m launching my updated portfolio site AND preparing to move for this weekend. Plus a social engagement

Happy Monday! I see rain in our forecast for the next four days so I thought I’d share another photo from Vegas. Blue skies, I miss you. Enjoy the links. – The Official Manufacturing Company is one of my new favorites. Someday I would love to work with a handful of people, closely, and create. [&hel

The photo above seemed extremely fitting. Adam washed my car on Saturday and I can hardly recognize it. All that dirt and salt has been washed clean and now my car actually sparkles! We’ll see how long it lasts! I felt so spoiled by the warm weather and today’s mere 30 degrees wasn’t doing it

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I figured I’d not only keep the Monday Link Love tradition BUT I would also give you something. You know…like a Valentine’s Day present. Because I love you. My “Love is a Choice” print has now been converted over to an iPhone, iPad and iMac b

I’m ridiculously excited about this Monday Link Love. I truly believe it’s the best collection of links I’ve EVER posted. And I want to thank the Superbowl for allowing me 4 hours of free time to plan it! I thought your Monday could use the links AND a little smooch from Marilyn. – This

One of my best friends is headed to Italy today so I thought I would dedicate this Monday Link Love to TRAVEL! From top to bottom: Top image was found here, Keep Calm and Travel On, Travel Notebook, Sonic Travel Toothbrush, JetLag Alarm Clock, Blue Leather Bag (unknown source), and Downeaster Sport Wool Tweed B

Hello lovelies. I’m off today for MLK Day and I will be busy, busy freelancing and meeting clients but enjoy this Monday Link Love “Home/Office Accessories Edition.” I thought I’d include images only. Clicking on them takes you to the original source. Hope you all have a great day. XO

This Monday Link Love is dedicated to my dream house. I’m assuming that it exists somewhere since I would have no desire to build a house of my own. So, here’s to you housey. – I’m not sure when wallpaper got cool again but I jumped on board. I love the first image in this […]

This Monday Link Love is dedicated to patterns. PATTERNS GALORE! – The featured image was found on m8roberto’s flickr page. – A cute polka-dot hand towel found over at Terrain [$22] – A sailor sweater found over at J.Crew [$88] – Squares blanket found over at ferm LIVING [$99] &#82

[clockwise from top left: Sway Rocking Chair by Markus Krauss, Nambu Ironware Tape Dispenser, Convertible cuff gloves by J.Crew, Properly Patterned Throw via Anthro, Stanley Bostitch AntiJam Standard Booklet Stapler on Amazon, Blackman Cruz Two Tiered Bar Cart.] Also here are some other gift guides from Rifl

Happy, chilly Morning to you! Hope you’re all bundled up and keeping warm. Or maybe it’s not too cold in your neck of the woods. I thought I’d dedicate this link love post to staying cozy! Enjoy! – These mink faux throws are marked down to $99! – Desert boots from Free People are c

Hey readers! If you are interested in subscribing to my blog, you can use my updated RSS link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/AllisonLehman. I’ve also added a few icons at the bottom of the sidebar with links to my Facebook page, Twitter, Yelp, Flickr, and my email address! If you have already been subscribi

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and a great holiday (for those in the States). As you can see, it was a bit foggy this Thanksgiving, but we really enjoyed ourselves. Of course now I am extremely excited because it’s now officially the Christmas season! Expect a lot of gift guides, holiday-themed pos

Happy Monday! Not too many links this week but enjoy these because they’re fab: – I love these designs for the Museum of Unnatural History found via Pitch Design Union. – Atlantic Treefox has re-opened their Etsy shop and I realllllly want one of her posters. – Fooducate is a new iPhone

Sometimes when I just see a list of links, I’m not as inclined to click on them! So here are your visuals, my lovelies. I love this daybed. I’m not sure if I would necessarily love sleeping on it but I’d love to look at it. In my home. Found here. Buy it here. The […]

I had Veteran’s Day off so me and a pal decided to hit up the outlet mall near Columbus. I wasn’t expecting much. I grew up near an outlet mall that was comprised of about three fully functioning stores like Nike, Dress Barn and something else not worth remembering. This outlet mall, however, impres

– The photo above is a photography by Cheryl Maeder. The soft, blurry photograph remind me of a Mark Rothko painting. (Found via Black Eiffel) – Delight by Design just featured a gorgeous bar cart that I’ve been staring at for awhile now. – Oh Joy! featured work by Dale Frank awhile ago

Sharing is caring. So enjoy these iPhone/iPad/Desktop wallpapers! Just click on the links below and save to your technological toy of choice. All the advice you’ll ever need in life. Throw Up, Grow Up, and Show Up. Click the links below to start your download: .zip for the desktop backgrounds .zip for the

I thought I’d mix it up this week and share some of my most recent favorites on the blogosphere. Blogosphere? Is that the right term? You can click the headers to take you directly to the wonderful bloginess that I adore. Too many blog words. I’m done.

– Gorgeous photo by Harry Bloom. – A great interview with Simone Harouche over on Rifle‘s blog. My favorite part of the interview was: What’s the best advice you’ve received and the greatest lesson you’ve learned so far in your career? Greatest advice was from my agent and f

Elise tweeted about Madewell the other day and I couldn’t stop browsing their site! I love their style and pieces. Anyone have any of their tights? I’m looking for a few good pairs that don’t stretch out the second I move.

– The photo above was taken by Kellyn. I talk about her a lot. And she’s blogging more! Subscribe! – Rubber stamp business cards! I love it. I also love that you could change the color of the ink whenever you wanted! – I love this post about being busy vs talking about being busy. [&hell