It’s Tuesday but it feels like a Friday and sort of like a Monday? While most people day drink tomorrow, I will probably be working. I love getting ahead when everyone else is distracted. Here are some things that I’ve found interesting lately: 1. This nightie by Recliner – I googled “co

I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree lately. Nothing major but I realized it because the last two years (when I was also doing The 100 Day Project), my spending habits chilled out. It was because I was finding a lot of fulfillment in making things and this challenge hasn’t been like that […

Another edition of things that are interesting! You can read the first volume here and the second volume here. 1. I’ve been really loving the Bite Beauty’s lipstick shade Lit Turmeric (that name kills me). Here it is on. 2. SCRATCH n SNIFF STAMPS?! 3. Paleo/dairy-free nacho cheese. I’m going t

Isn’t it crazy that at one point in our lives we had to get off our couch and go to the store? I kid, I kid. Sort of. I wish I could see what people buy on Amazon. I love how mundane and exciting it can be…all tied into one box sitting on my porch […]

It’s Friday! And by Friday, I’m ready to not be in front of my computer. That’s why these short and sweet posts work well for me pre-weekend. Here’s a list of things that made me say, “Ohhhh, interesting!” 1. I recently photographed some of Branch Basics for a giveaway as col

Yesterday, during a private yoga session with Josie (who is also writing every day for 100 days), we were talking about all the things we wanted to blog about. We both agreed that we love sharing deep thoughts, straight from the heart, but some days will be funny or lighthearted or a little fluffy. Today is [&

I’ve had this blog since 2009. It’s transformed a lot. From a place where I started sharing my design work to a place where I introduced advertisers (that was the worst)…and I’ve simplified it yet again. I am designing + taking photos every single day and I needed to stretch another musc

I’ve been listening to Call Your Girlfriend (the podcast) lately. I love the topics, the casual vibes and the ladies. As you get older, you find that many of your friends don’t live in your apartment or down the street anymore. College friends disperse, bffs get jobs across the country and some of

New year, new look! Thought I’d kick off the new design with a giveaway because I love you all. I really want to use this space to work on personal design work, experiment with photography, live some great adventures and share it all here. I compiled a list of all my favorite items and things […]

The winter cold has finally decided to stay here in Ohio (it’s supposed to snow on Sunday!!!! Hurray!) and if you know me at all, you know I try to celebrate Christmas for as long as humanly possible. I’m starting TODAY. And to celebrate, I’m opening up my 3rd Annual Christmas City Swap to the

I love supporting local but I don’t tend to post a lot about Columbus here on my blog because I know many of my readers live all over the world. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love my city. I REALLY love my city. We have the most amazing food scene, such talented artists and […]

Last year I hosted my first Christmas City Swap here on my blog and had 90 participants. Ever since last years’ swap I’ve had readers asking about one this year! For those who didn’t participate last year, here’s the concept: If you want to participate – you’ll be required to

I’m a woman. I’m under 30 years old. And I own my own business. Owning a business is one of the most rewarding and difficult things I’ve ever done. But every day that I wake up I have to smile because I’m able to do this. I get to do this. I don’t take the little things […

Over the past year, I’ve really simplified my wardrobe. This summer I found myself wearing the same few pieces over and over. 80% of those items are from Everlane. I’m hooked and I don’t see myself parting ways anytime soon! Before purchasing one of their silk blouses, I scoured the internet f

Happy Friday, all! I thought I’d start the day off with a really cute picture of my dog, Desh. Isn’t he adorable? He’s 4 years old and bred from two cockapoos. He’s pretty human-like. He uses the sidewalks when at all possible, uses pillows and arm rests on chairs and mimics me in the mo

I don’t think, in the history of my blog, that I’ve ever posted a style/what I wore blog post. To be honest, I keep things pretty casual around here now that I’m self-employed. I’m usually in yoga pants and a tee but when I do get ready – I keep it basic. When Henry and Belle [&he

I recently connected with 100 Cameras! They envision a world where marginalized children are empowered to renew their communities by sharing their perspectives with a global audience. They empower children to document their lives through photography. 100% of the money from the children’s purchased prints

Another successful city swap and I figured I might as well recap it on Valentine’s Day! You can see the card that I sent above and below you’ll see all the participants submitted photos! I had 88 people participate and hope to do another swap this summer! Stay tuned. Do you have any plans for [&hell

I ordered these salt and pepper shakers on One Kings Lane a few weeks ago. Lately, I can’t get enough of silver, bronze and gold. Without making our home TOO feminine, I’ve been slowly introducing small accents into our home and when I saw these – I couldn’t pass them up! In general, I l

The holidays are behind us. The year is still new. Have you taken time to get really clear on what you want from 2013? Perhaps you’ve made a list of goals or intentions. Maybe you even go the traditional route of making resolutions. Or maybe you’re like me and you’ve only been eating cheeseburgers

The Christmas City Swap was SUCH a success and I hope all who participated will get their package today or shortly after Christmas. It was a wonderful way for me to meet lots of new readers and connect you all with each other. I loved getting emails from those who were excited and seeing the […]

I am SO excited about this giveaway for many, many reasons. First of all, you should all know that one of my huge life goals is to become an art collector. I mean, obviously, I’m not going to be buying a Rothko anytime soon but I love buying artwork from talented artists (no matter how […]

I had a difficult time on Friday after learning about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary. I was 16 when my little sister was in first grade and so my memories of her at that age are quite vivid. I avoided the Internet and news coverage most of the weekend but knew that I couldn’t […]

I’m starting a new series called The Columbus Club. My hopes is that over time it will become a “sub-blog” of Be Up & Doing and if I start posting about my lovely city more regularly – it won’t be a part of my main blog feed since I have a lot of readers all […]

If you know anything about me, you know that I’m obsessed with Christmas and all things related to winter holidays. I decided to incorporate some of my festive cheer into my blog this year and host the first ever CHRISTMAS CITY SWAP! Inspired by my friend Heather P and her holiday themed craft ideas &#821

While I’m away on vacation – Tori is guesting posting for me today! Enjoy! Hello again, everyone! So, in case you missed them, thus far in our Meaningful Art series, we’ve talked about how to remember your first home, and some DIY projects that will instantly make your house feel more like a

While speaking at The Influence Conference, I was introduced to fashionABLE – a non-profit that works with women who have been exploited due to the effects of poverty. I was incredibly moved by the stories and presentations and I instantly bought a scarf. Each scarf comes with a tag by one of the women th