Some shots from my second Canon A-1 roll (Fuji pro400h). A lot of the shots were a bit blown out which was kind of a bummer. I’m currently shooting Kodak Portra 400NC so we’ll see how that turns out next weekend. If you want to connect on Flickr, add me as a contact!  

Today marks two years that I’ve been here in Columbus, Ohio and I couldn’t be happier about the city that I choose to call home. I grew up in Illinois and so Ohio never really crossed my radar until Adam got a job here before we got engaged. I’m not an expert when it comes […]

The days are pretty predictable around here. Sometimes it feels like everyone is quitting their job for something new, traveling to far off places, or having babies. Adam and I just celebrated our second wedding anniversary and after two years, it feels like a bit of a haze lifted and we were able to talk [&hel

I’m currently collaborating with Rachel over at Hounds in the Kitchen. We’re creating her soon-to-be-amazing logo and for payment? Local goodness for the next five months.

With so much rain lately, the sun always seems frighteningly bright. April May Showers Bring May June Flowers? I wish it looked this epic when it rained. All those black umbrellas make you wonder who’s underneath. Photo found here.

Icarus & Occident is my new favorite blog. It’s a daily juxtaposition of photography and music. But in a way, it’s deeper than that for me. While reading, I’m sucked into the music, the lyrics and the visual. I really love this excerpt from their About page: “This will all fade. And

What have I been up to? I’ve been working a lot, I’m doing P90X (although I missed a few days during my mini birthday vacation from life), enjoyed a family visit, I’ve been appreciating the great food here in Columbus (seriously…we have really great restaurants), and of course I’ve

A few shots from this past weekend. Sadly, we weren’t able to go up to Chicago as planned. Adam’s car got hit awhile ago and the person drove off without giving us their information and my car’s breaks suddenly needed fixing. Of course, it seems like when one of our vehicles has an issue&#8230

While planning this trip to Vegas, I had full intentions of lots of sightseeing, walking, and exploring. It all changed when I was faced with 78 degree weather, sunshine and the pool. We spent a lot more time laying out, soaking up the sun and drinking delicious drinks. After being outside for most of the [&hel

What a lame assortment of photos for this Daily Occurrences. This past week has been busy, busy, busy. When will it slow down? Summer? Do I still get a summer break? No? Okay. Last Sunday we were able to see our wonderful friend Bri get baptized after we discovered that we have MICE. Ew to […]

I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Hence, only iPhone photos to share this Sunday. It shouldn’t be that much harder to grab my camera but alas…it is. Here are a few bits of the past week when I’ve actually relaxed. Busting out my heels (and…gasp…my

Around mid-March I’ll be teaming up with The Rogue Magnolia to photograph my printed pieces. I’m excited about her creativity and extremely talented approach to photography. Here are a few pieces that have inspired me when it comes to my future shoot! Obviously they’re all very different so I&

What’s been going on? 1. Working on my updated portfolio + website. 2. Adam and Desh. 3. A new purse to life my mood. 4. Afternoon coffee in my Chicago Starbucks mug. 5. Given Rework as a gift. 6. Dirty Franks. Get in my belly. 7. A cuddly pet. 8. A new lens. 9. My […]

We had a wonderful weekend away. It felt like a mini-vacation. Along with six close friends, we played games, cooked, laughed and refueled. A part of me really loves a lake when it’s frozen. It almost becomes this empty field. It had been SO long since I experienced such a silence. While out on the [&hell

Top image of Madagascar’s Stone Forest! (photo by Steven Alvarez). Bottom left image found on Amateur Couture. Bottom right image found on Poppytalk. I couldn’t find the photographers’ names for the bottom two photos so if you know it, comment with the info!

Travel. Celebrate. Travel. Celebrate. Travel. Home. Lots of Christmas cheer this weekend. We were in Illinois for the holiday and we were able to see lots of snow! It was great to see family and friends but I’m glad to be home to usher in 2011. What has been your favorite moment from 2010? I’ll [&he

We finally got a lot of snow yesterday. Unfortunately, we were traveling while it arrived but we’re safe at home now! Hope your weekend was great. This week’s Monday Link Love is a selection of photographs that I absolutely adore. I hope you do too. – Abbey Road, before crossing – Laura

I went to Mouton this past week with two friends. It was lovely and I can’t believe it took me so long to visit! Visit their site here or their Facebook page here to see more photos.