Today I spent a few hours photographing Sara (pictured above) in her home. It was a photoshoot for a brand but the goal was to keep things casual and relaxed. The photos were to be candid, Sara never looked into the camera. I was so excited about the photos that I captured and it got […]

That thing where you go to blog at 10pm after being sick for the last 24 hours but you get distracted by things on the internet and then you realize it’s 11:45pm and you really don’t have a single thing to write about because all you did was lay around all day waiting to feel […]

Sometimes I spend time browsing old photographs that I’ve taken. The photos that I look at remind me of a time in my life where I had my DSLR at home or when I actively kept a roll of film in my 35mm cameras. It feels like it must have been a simpler time. I leave my […]

I recently took photos for our friends Bryan and Catherine (also known as Beginning in the Middle on Instagram) after they participated in something called the One Room Challenge. I’m so thankful for their friendship and I get excited when we collaborate in small ways. If you didn’t know, they were

If you didn’t know, my project last year was focused on styling and photographing something daily. I ended up creating two of my favorite photographs (you can view them here and here). I loved this project because I spent a lot of time finding existing paintings and wanted to recreate pieces of them feat

Whew, it’s been a productive past three weeks. Over the course of 21 days (which have gone by SO quickly) have been filled with a lot of photoshoots and now I’m hitting an edit and design phase in my schedule. It’s weird, I feel like all my shoots are scheduled back to back to back […]

My favorite thing to do is sneak a peek at other people’s processes, photographer sets and artist studios! I work really hard to not follow other designer/photographer work but I do love seeing what tools they use, how they practice, what helps them execute and how they keep learning. I think it’s

  I took 8+ months off from blogging. I didn’t miss it much. I didn’t miss blogging in the form that I once experienced it.I enjoyed taking a step back from publishing so that I could appreciate what 7 years of sharing looks like. I took time to read my old posts. I laughed, I […]

Photographing a cookbook has been on my career dream list since I first picked up a camera. I was so honored when Taylor of Simply Taylor asked me to photograph her amazing creations. Back in June, we shot for five straight days (16 recipes per day!) at our studio. The cookbook, Real Food, Real Simple, [&hellip

I’ve been taking photos of other people for over a decade. My portrait sessions have allowed me to meet so many new people. I’ve shot some of my best work during these moments. It’s a thrill to experience the perfect light, find that amazing angle and create an image that really seems to

I’m at the point in my career where I can charge a decent amount of money for the creative services that I provide. I’m usually the one generating proposals and quotes. I’m trying to figure out how to be profitable while still serving our perfect client (not corporations). But I get bored rea

I was shooting non-stop last month for our Death to Stock trip. I got tired of lugging my DSLR around and haven’t really touched it in a few weeks besides full day client shoots. It makes me sad and am thinking about buying a smaller camera for everyday life with friends, family and at our studio. [&hell

We spent last week in Minneapolis/St. Paul (mostly Minneapolis) and really crushed hard on the Twin Cities (capitalized?). We stayed downtown with our awesome friend Grant, but the awesome weather didn’t really show up until the last afternoon.

I love portraiture. I love documenting people the way they see themselves (or help them understand how beautiful they really are). I had a client the other day say, “I want to look at a photo and see what I see when I look in a mirror.” It’s a challenge. We’ve all been there. “Is [

Hello. My name is Allie and I’m breaking up with winter. I know I just blogged about how I love winter and that it’s perfect for my introverted self but I take it back. I’ve discovered that I hate shivering when I get out of the shower and I don’t particularly love the drafts coming [&he

…you shoot with artificial light. This is the first year that I started shooting with studio lights. I started incorporating them into product photography to get the sharp look I was trying to achieve. Then November hit and the temps in Ohio dropped to 8 degrees and I realized that if I want to push [&hel

I was considered an artist and a painter most of my childhood (into my teens). In college and up until this year, I was called a designer. The other day Adam called me a photographer and I kind of freaked out. I’m not sure if any of you can relate but it’s been a transition […]

I live in Ohio and we (generally) have four solid seasons throughout the year. I grew up in Illinois and so the landscape tends to be quite the same but just a bit more flat. For the last 27 years of my life, I’ve been romanced by each season and it never gets old. Isn’t […]

I only blogged once last week because it was THE WEEK OF PHOTOSHOOTS! It was pretty rad but (as an introvert) I’m excited for a pretty chill week this week! Up above you can see some behind the scene looks from the shoots: 12-hour photo and video shoot for Ecco Domani on Tuesday. I project […]

I’ve been shooting a lot lately and thought I’d share some of my most recent projects! From top to bottom: Pluma Jewelry, House of Earnest, Danielle Evans of Food Typography for The Guardian, Death to the Stock Photo, Simi Botic, Alex White and Pluma Jewelry again! PS: If you’re in the Columb

Our last day in New York City was technically in Brooklyn again. After being somewhat MIA from work for the last four days, the three of us had a lot to catch up on as Monday morning rolled around. We decided to take care of the things we needed while at the apartment (How amazing […]

Last weekend, Adam and I spent a few days down in Nashville for our Death to the Stock Photo roadtrip! I had been begging Adam to go back to Nashville (I had been there three times before) and I finally got him to understand just why I love it so much. I’ve decided to break down […]

I don’t remember how I met Ashli but she’s the kind of person that brightens your life. I was so honored when she asked me to photograph her maternity shoot. Alex and Ashli have created such a gorgeous home here in Columbus and they’ll be welcoming their baby girl very soon! But seriously&#823

I shot my first wedding on December 28, 2013. Luckily it was my sister-in-law’s wedding so I felt a bit more at ease. I was there for all the planning, I knew the landscape +  felt comfortable with everyone in attendance. It was a great first and since then I’ve shot another and booked 3 […]

That’s me. At an event. Drinking champagne and apple cider bourbon at the same time. Wearing heels and rocking a blowout. Also mid-sentence, I’m sure. But let’s be real, pals. It’s really like this:

On Thursday, I posted this on Instagram sharing how I was feeling irritable, insecure and a bit deflated. Not only was I encouraged – I also realized that I’m not alone. Lucky for me, we had a roadtrip planned and it was good for the soul. We drive back to Adam’s hometown and spent a […

  I recently had a photo session with Jessica on the first day of fall. The shoot, for me, was very different than those I’ve shot in the past. I actually spent time thinking about it beforehand. Just like designing – I’m always pushing myself to sketch things out first. To think about it

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Mostly juggling the business side of things with creative work. I’ve had a lot of photoshoots and have been learning a lot. I decided to host a pop-up shoot at a local park and charged $30 for a 15 minute shoot with people and their dogs! I used all of […]

I’ve been experimenting and playing around with some new concepts while shooting photography lately. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be hosting a “pop-up shop” at a local space where I’ll be photographing kids, families or anyone who wants a unique portrait! I’m pretty exc