It looks like today might be one of the last days it will get up close to 80 degrees. I get excited when I look at the forecast and I see mid-60s creeping in on Sunday. While autumn might be on its way…I still have to extend my summer attire into October. Adam and I […]

I’m excited to introduce you all to Ciera today! She is one of my May sponsors and is incredibly talented. I love her work, chatting with her on Twitter and her blog.  Name: Ciera Holzenthal Age: 29 Location: Born and raised in New Orleans but have been living in Boston for the past year. Q. When did

April flew by. I think I say that after every month nears its end. I’m now accepting May sponsors and a handful of spots for swap. If you’re interested, please contact me here. We can chat about your options, opportunities and if it would be a good fit! I love all the support I’ve received [&h

April starts this weekend! How did that happen so fast? If you’re interested in sponsoring Show + Tell in April, please let me know and we can talk details. I’m now offering a larger spot (200px by 110px) for $25 and includes a feature and/or giveaway. I’m also offering the smaller spot for sw

I’ve been reading Kara’s blog for awhile now and she’s one of my favorite people on the Internet! While she blogs over at I Just Might Explode, she’s also going to school, hosting my photo challenge next month AND teaching a photography e-course (sign up here). When I asked her what her

I’m a huge fan of Aveda and their brand! I was so, so excited when Aveda Columbus offered to sponsor my blog! I have worked with and have supported Aveda for years now and always jump at the chance to promote them! Those at Aveda love March because it is one of the months that […]

I was so excited when Jim (the brains behind Zomgimbored) offered to sponsor my blog for the month of March! Zomgimbored is a blog for aspiring graphic designers as well as working professionals. I love his tutorials and the intentionality behind each post. When I asked Jim what he loves about March he respond

Jewel–the woman behind Eat.Drink.Shop.Love— is one of my lovely sponsors this month! Eat.Drink.Shop.Love is a place where Jewel can share everything she loves about food, drinks, shopping, travel, and life. When I asked her what she loves about March she responded, “Right now I am loving the

I’m a huge fan of the Aveda brand. I’m hooked on their hair products, I love their values, the stylists are epically talented, and I’ve even worked with one of their salons professionally. A wonderful experience all around. I’m excited to be sharing one of the events that Nurtur (an Aved

I’ve been a fan and customer of Emily Elizabeth Jewelry for years now! I was so excited when Emily offered to sponsor my blog for the month of March! Her jewelry, which is always gorgeous, can be found featured in magazines and constantly spotted on celebrities. When asked what she loves about March, Emil

I’m excited to announce that I’m now accepting sponsors for Show + Tell! With all the increased traffic + more involved posts, I realized that it was time to make this next step. If you’re interested in supporting Show + Tell, you can contact me through my contact form or email me at hi@alliso