I know I haven’t done many Here We Go posts lately but I figured if I were to resurrect the series, it should be for Canva. I’ve been chatting with Hannah from Canva (oh a rhyme!) for months now. We’re partnering with them for our Haute Blog workshops this fall (in Chicago and Indianapolis) an

Happy Tuesday, pals! I spent a long weekend in my hometown surprising my mom at her 50th birthday party. I love a good, well-planned surprise party. She literally screamed. It was amazing. Since I stayed a bit longer (how could I pass up making pancakes for my sister yesterday morning??), my Tuesday is like my

Today’s HERE WE GO post is brought to you by Rachel of Harmonious Homestead! The renaming of my website Hounds In The Kitchen to Harmonious Homestead required as much patience as growing the tomato seedlings pictured above from two-year-old saved seeds. I wanted to change the name for a long time as my bl

Today’s HERE WE GO post is written by videographer Andy Newman. Check out his most recent film: Portrait! It’s amazing. Christopher Nolan (Director of The Dark Knight and Inception) used a particularly good trick on his first film, Following. Since he knew the camera work and audio production weren’

Today’s HERE WE GO post is written by videographer Andy Newman. Check out his most recent film: Portrait! It’s amazing. I want to share a few of the basic lessons any hopeful videographer should learn. Much like photography, the best advice is to just get out and shoot shoot shoot but following thes

Last night I taught my first class through The Influence Network! For an hour, I went over Wordpress 101 and we covered A LOT. I talked for 40 minutes straight (while experiencing some audio issues) and then took questions for the remaining 20 minutes! I thought I’d share some of the questions (along with

One of my new year resolutions is to revive the Here We Go series here on my blog! There are SO many topics to cover when it comes to blogging (whether you’re a beginner or a pro). Today’s post is a bit of a plug but hopefully something that will be helpful to some of […]

Today’s HERE WE GO post is a short interview with Adproval founder, Matthew Anderson! Adproval is an easy way to manage and sell your ad space directly to sponsors you approve. Learn more here: How did Adproval begin? Were you involved in the blogging community beforehand? I have been off and on with my o

In a week I’ll be heading to Indianapolis to speak at The Influence Conference! I can’t believe how time has flown by and now I’m putting the final touches on my presentation. I’ll be addressing the issues of designing for your online space (which can take many forms: your blog, online

I’ve been asked numerous times to blog about sponsorships but I’ve always avoided it. Earlier this year, I started accepting ads and sponsorships but after only three months…I said NO MORE! I think I’ve avoided this post because I feel like I am a bit biased but I’d love to share e

Here We Go is back (after a bit of a hiatus while I finished up my day job) and I’m excited to be talking about blog following today! There are so many ways in which you can keep tabs on your favorite blogs and, in turn, allow others to follow yours! I don’t claim to […]

Today we’re discussing the sidebar! Exciting, huh? When I first started blogging I didn’t really give a lot of attention to my sidebar. You can see it here. Ugly ugly ugly! I’m going to list a few key components that I think you should consider when constructing your sidebar: It’s really

I get a lot of questions pertaining to CONTENT! I mean what is blogging without content? The content here at Show + Tell has really changed over the years. Most of my old content was centered around my (amateur) design work or featured blurry iPhone photos. I wasn’t very active on Twitter and it wasn&#82

A few weeks ago, I posted about LINKING which often refers to images or sources. Today I’ll be talking about images in more of a technical sense. So often I will visit a blog and the images really set a negative tone for the entire site. The great thing about this problem is that it’s […]

Whether you want to or not, you need to learn about domains and hosting. It might not be the most exciting part about blogging but it’s necessary and one of the first steps in setting up your blog. To break it down simply: your domain name is like your home address. You can put it on […]

Today we’re talking about your time (probably something that you value) and how you can fit blogging into your busy schedule. It’s tough. I currently work 60-70 hours a week (juggling my day job and all my freelance work) but I still prioritize blogging. I’m motivated by all your lovely commen

I often get emails from beginner bloggers and their desire to have an awesome blog always seems to be hindered by the upfront cost. I wanted to dedicate a post (and hopefully more in the future) to free or cheaper blogging resources because they ARE out there! Whether you’re looking for themes, software,

My blog was hacked last week. Sometime between 6am-9am on a Wednesday morning, EVERYTHING WAS DELETED. It’s the worst feeling. At first I was confused. I (like a weirdo, vain person) checked my blog around 9AM to make sure everything looked okay. I got a 404 error. Refresh. 404 error. Refresh. I got sort

Today’s Here We Go post was inspired by the tweet: “What to do when you’re feeling uninspired! How do you get your mojo back?” A great, great question. There have been many times where I find my mind completely blank. After three years of blogging, I’ve figured out WHY this happen

The topic today is: LINKING. As a blogger, I’m constantly linking. Sometimes I’m referencing a business, providing the source of an image, or just sharing additional information. Sadly, I still come across blogs that are linking incorrectly. (Yes-there’s a method. Well, MY method.) It’s

I get a lot of questions from friends, readers, and people on Twitter about blogging. I try to answer them all through email or give them a quick explanation but I feel like I never get to really address some of the issues or questions. This new series titled, HERE WE GO, will be a […]

I’ve seen a lot of talk about moving your Google Reader subscriptions over to Blog Lovin in order to see the blogs in their native setting. Blog Lovin allows you to import your feeds into their site and then sift through them while visiting each blog directly. You can see the screenshot below. At the [&he