We will be moving into a new (but old) apartment in April. I love fresh starts and I’ve been bookmarking and pinning inspiration for awhile now. Once we start making the move, I’ll be sure to share photos and references to our purchases. My theory on any home decoration is that he doesn’t need

A few weeks ago, Candace linked to this. I thought I would remind all my friends and family that, as Candace put, I do come with an instruction manual. How to Care for Introverts Respect their need for privacy. Never embarrass them in public. Let them observe first in new situations. Give them time to […

My little darling Desh is in a contest! He could be voted the Cutest Dog in Columbus!! The contest is being hosted by Danielle Neil Photography. Check her out! The winner gets a lil doggy photoshoot. How cute. We would both be extremely grateful if you would take a moment and vote for him here. […]

The past week in iPhone photos: We sold our iPad and I got a used Macbook Pro again (I used to have one before I bought my iMac) because I really need the flexibility and mobility to design while I’m away from the house. We were spoiled with 60+ degree weather and I got to […]

If you know anything about me, you know I have a huge girl crush on Nicki Minaj. Yes, quite different than my last girl crush (Natalie Portman) but hey–who says I have to have a type?

I rate 2010 with a 10. Here are some of my favorite moments. Of course, those aren’t the only wonderful memories from 2010. There were so many others that involved our friends and family. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but I do know that I’m SO excited for 2011. I have goals and ide

I thought everyone’s Wednesday could use a little bit of an “awwww” moment. Here are four of my favorite dogs. All cockapoos. From top to bottom: Veda (my family’s dog), Desh (my dog), Violet and Oliver (my friends’ Megan and Josh’s dogs) and then me and Deshie!

You guys, this is still really hard for me to talk about. I’ve had this purse [above] for a year and a half. That’s almost 550 days. So many memories. So many great places it’s been. So many hours lost of my life where I couldn’t find my keys, or my wallet, or my money, […]

This year, we decided to shop local for all our Christmas gifts. So far, we’ve picked up two gifts (at Homage and Tigertree). Thought I’d share some of their products! Clicking the images also takes you to their online stores. [Above: shirts from Homage // Below: items from Tigertree]

I have this childish fascination with terrariums. So much that I can hardly spell the word terrarium. The Brick House just recently posted about DIY terrarium (photo below). And then I stumbled across a listing on Etsy (pictured below). I love both styles. Decisions, decisions. Do you own a terrarium? Did you b

I asked a question on Twitter last week. “What one celebrity would make you feel the most starstruck?” Here’s a visualization of the answers I received. And my answer? Well, that would have to be Chris Martin. And I don’t even want to hear it from the haters. I’ve been to seven Col

I almost wrote, “And it was clam.” Fried clams sound really good right now. Anyways- I hardly took ANY pictures while I was in Illinois. I could kick myself! I was able to spend time with lots of family and the best of friends so just know that it was wonderful. Check back tomorrow for […]

“Here, I’m mother’s little daughter.  In New York, I see myself as Edith.”- Little Edie I  watched Grey Gardens on Halloween this year (the original 1975 documentary). My mom has always been a fan of this mother/daughter duo for quite some time but I never watched it with her. The thre

Adam and I just celebrated our one year anniversary. I thought I would dedicate this blog post to him and how, after a whole year, I’ve become much more like him. 1. I enjoy watching almost any type of sporting event. Just not football. 2. I respect Eminem much more as an artist. 3. I […]