Back when I blogged often…oh wait, I am blogging often now. Ahem. Back when I blogged as much as I am currently blogging, I would create this post annually. You can read the posts from 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013. Feel free to jump into those comments as well. In these posts, I ask 5 questions, encourage

I grew up in a small Catholic school where 99% of the students (and staff) at my school were white. I loved the Olsen twins, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Celine Dion. I had Barbies, I had Samantha, the rich American Girl Doll* and I would pinch my nose like Amy in Little Women. The Internet wasn&#82

On this episode of “quick blog posts that are fun but not really that deep, so what,” I’m sharing things that have made me take a screenshot (on my phone). I’ve done this post before. Read it here. To be totally honest, my screenshot game is way less embarrassing now that the iPhone lets

A few people have asked me how this year’s challenge is going. To be honest, it feels weird. I felt such momentum the last two years. I felt like people honored it and respected it. It’s not that I think people don’t honor or respect 100 days of blogging but it definitely feels different. Whe

At one point in my life, I tested high for “receiving gifts” as one of my love languages. As in, I loved it when people gave me things. The older I get, I’m not sure that’s the case anymore. First of all, when you have an office/studio, you get a lot of gifts. People drop […]

I was six when I stopped being an only child. By then, I was ready for a sibling. For years I had pretended that my stuffed bear was my brother and it really wasn’t cutting it any longer. It took a few years for this brother of mine to learn to talk and actually play […]

My memory is AWFUL. But I remember a few things. I remember watching that documentary about Bill Cunningham years ago and his quote: “If you don’t take money, they can’t tell you what to do, kid. That’s the key to the whole thing.” When I watched that documentary, I was pretty broke.

I’m waiting to take some of these plants outside. I’m waiting to sit on our patio, on the weekend, late into the night, sipping bourbon with my favorite people. I’m waiting for my schedule to let up, to have a little extra space (I always say this). I’m waiting to hit a few financial goa

Over the last two years, I’ve returned to this space multiple times to share things close to my heart and on my mind. In 2016, I recapped our travel adventures (and we honestly haven’t traveled much since). It includes one of the last photos I took with my grandpa before he passed away the following

Last year, I lost someone really important and the grief was different than what I had expected. I should have known better than to assume what grief can be or know its complexities. The most simple way to describe my last 6 months can boil down to one word: QUIET. I got really quiet. I […]

Once or twice a year, I do a “Let’s Get Coffee” post. It’s a fun way to meet my readers, it turns my comment section into a long list of dope stuff and even allows my readers to meet each other! I ask FIVE questions (and I answer them, too) and then ask you to […]

A quick post to share some of the stuff I’ve been loving lately: Art history + general art books. I just picked this up at Half Priced and am snagging this on Amazon. The Pineapple/Strawberry La Croix flavor Primally Pure’s Fancy Face Serum Mini canvases to paint on! Writing notes, sending mail + gi

This summer has been very social for me. Adam’s cousin Isabelle (who’s amazing) is living with us while she is interning for The Wonder Jam, we’ve had our friends Meghan and David visited (and Meghan came again for a week later during the summer), our developer, Matt, came and stayed with u

Fun stuff that’s happened recently: Our developer, Matt, flew in to spend a week with us! We hosted a workshop for some dope people to help them through small design and development issues. It was a great way for our entire team to work together! We hosted a party celebrating The Wonder Jam‘s 3rd b

A few years ago, I shared what was on my search history. Here’s round 2: What does THOT mean (it means That Ho Over There) Pink clouds in the air (next painting inspo) Is there an app to control a Keynote (searched that right before a speaking gig) She’s The Man quotes How much did Broderick [&hell

I’ve been taking photos of other people for over a decade. My portrait sessions have allowed me to meet so many new people. I’ve shot some of my best work during these moments. It’s a thrill to experience the perfect light, find that amazing angle and create an image that really seems to

It’s been a hard few weeks hasn’t it? The loss of life has been felt throughout the world, here in my country and among my tighter circle of friends. While it certainly puts things into perspective, it also leaves me feeling very unclear. Very sad. More bold. Still confused. Lately I’ve been 

I’ve decided that this year is the year of forming habits. I turn 29 years old in four days so it seems fitting. I’ve been on the candida diet for 118 days now and I’ve been painting every day for the past 17 days. When #the100dayproject is over on July 27, what will I choose […]

We’re 60 days into 2016. For me, the year has been about creating and kicking habits. Doing things every day until it becomes second nature. Here are a few ways I’ve changed: I cook every meal at home since being on the candida diet. And yes! I am so anti-social! I need to start hosting […]

Two things sparked this post. A video of Lady Gaga talking about how she almost quit music two years ago. But she took a step back and decided to stop doing things she didn’t want to do. Not more selling perfume. No more rubbing shoulders with people she didn’t like. Creativity was getting the backs

I’ve had this weird fear lately. I fear movies, new tv shows, and fiction literature. I know, right? I told you it was weird. Most people assume it’s because I think it’s stupid, silly or a waste of time. I started to believe them! But that’s false because I finally figured out it. Like

I haven’t blogged in over three months. That might be the longest stretch yet! A lot has happened since my last post (we’ll expand on that later and no…I’m not pregnant) but for now, I thought I’d share about my newest adventure. I’m earnestly seeking a hobby. Or three. Rewin

This is the most typical post of the blogging world. But IDGAF. I always think it’s interesting to see what’s in people’s houses, purses + studios. Who doesn’t? I bought this backpack at Nordstrom Rack earlier this year because I hate carrying all the weight on one shoulder. It’s b

Our marriage turned six this summer. I’ve known Adam for ten. Time flies when you’re having fun, running a business, traveling and more. Somehow marriage is the easiest and the hardest thing. I don’t know how it’s possible to be both. But it is. Adam is so much of what I want to be. P

Kit and Ace recently came to Columbus (the Short North, specifically) and while I couldn’t attend their launch party, I did recently get to visit! The instant I walked in I knew this was my type of place. The interior is minimal and they use copper as an accent. Helllooooo! Yes, please!

It’s already mid-July and I don’t even feel like we’ve had a summer yet. It’s rained for almost a month straight and so on the days we do see the sun, we’re always scrambling to sit outside on a patio, our front porch or open the windows. Since it’s been raining a lot, I&#82

I do these posts every few months because after awhile I feel like I’m blogging (or lack thereof) to faceless ghosts. I like to share some random things and updates and then ask you to do the same. I have some fun content coming up this month including a series on doing a few upgrades around our [&helli

Making friends as an adult can be weird. When I first moved to Columbus in 2009, I found all my friends via Twitter. Well, who am I kidding? This is still true. Just add Instagram to the list. I spent a lot of time in 2009 partaking in a lot of small talk. It was brutal. […]

Over a week ago, Adam and I went through and implemented the KonMari method. I read the book (The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up) back in January and then caught Adam up to speed. Honestly, we planned on doing this for about a month before we actually dove in. We were gone for most […]

At the end of the summer of 2013, I decided to do the whole “capsule wardrobe thing.” It was starting to become more mainstream, but nothing like it is now. I originally fell in love with the concept after I discovered Into Mind. I used her approach but customized it to my needs/mindset/brain. You