I was considered an artist and a painter most of my childhood (into my teens). In college and up until this year, I was called a designer. The other day Adam called me a photographer and I kind of freaked out. I’m not sure if any of you can relate but it’s been a transition […]

At any point of the day I’ll look down at my notebook and when I glance back at my computer (or my phone), I’ll see: 7 new emails from clients, one from Refinery29, and a shipping notification from Amazon. 3 texts from another client. A missed call. Oh it’s an 800 number. Also, I have [&hellip

I only blogged once last week because it was THE WEEK OF PHOTOSHOOTS! It was pretty rad but (as an introvert) I’m excited for a pretty chill week this week! Up above you can see some behind the scene looks from the shoots: 12-hour photo and video shoot for Ecco Domani on Tuesday. I project […]

Last week I wrote about how I’ve been handling my schedule and my friend Kathyrn left a comment about how Jessica Hische recently posted about her schedule as well! I really loved Jessica’s post and decided to implement a little more structure to my own self-care and personal life. She outlined h

I am SO excited to announce something that I’ve been working on since April! I have co-written a book with the lovely Claire Deane and it’s all about owning a successful business as an introvert! The official title is: Charge Up: Build a Business and Manage Your Energy with your Introversion Superp

I don’t have a normal job and so usually my days always look different. For the first year of working for myself, I would take long lunch breaks or be out and about in Columbus during the afternoons. When Adam and I joined forces and created The Wonder Jam, we experienced the bliss that is […]

I’ve been shooting a lot lately and thought I’d share some of my most recent projects! From top to bottom: Pluma Jewelry, House of Earnest, Danielle Evans of Food Typography for The Guardian, Death to the Stock Photo, Simi Botic, Alex White and Pluma Jewelry again! PS: If you’re in the Columb

The Wonder Jam turned ONE last month and so we decided to do what we did when it first started…throw a party! The entire theme was centered around Phoebe Buffay from Friends. Her line, “Crazy like a straw….you know….crazy straws??” Also, she knows what’s up because she also i

Andy Newman, an incredibly talented videographer, recently featured us in his new series called Why We Create. He spent three hours at our studio while we sketched, talked and shared some of our fears and excitement when it comes to owning our own business. I hope you enjoy!

I thought I’d share a few updates on the studio! We’ve had it for almost two months and has become my favorite place to be! Not only is it a place that can bring about peace + quiet, it’s also a place where people feel comfortable and can collaborate. Our friend Danielle came over to create [

Last month we decided to take Sundays off. Sundays have become this little life boat that I end up hurling myself onto and holding onto for dear life. Well, that’s dramatic. My week isn’t a sinking ship but by Sunday I’m in need of a quiet inbox and a day where I don’t have to […]

The last month has been one of refining processes, contracts and efficiency. We’re a two person team and have many projects happening simultaneously. One things we started to observe was the fact that we were constantly in meetings. Days would fly by and we’d have ZERO work to show for it. Meetings,

The Wonder Jam turns 1 this May and we’re throwing a party in our new space! We’re working with an event planner here in Columbus and I created the moodboard/color scheme above! I’m not usually drawn toward super girly colors or styles. Even our townhouse isn’t too feminine (lots of wood

It happened rather quickly but The Wonder Jam has offices. And a photo studio! And our neighbors make the best ice cream EVER. I tried to document our weekend progress from the same spot but you can’t see our little reception area to the left (empty), another office that’s closed off, a kitchen, a b

I want to go back in time and sit on this patio in NYC. Pretty please? While I’m dreaming about our next trip, I figure I need to get some stuff in order beforehand. Earlier this month, Adam and I made goals for this year and so far it’s kept me on track! Quarter 1 […]

This week beat the crap out of me. Don’t get me wrong…I kicked its ass. But I walked away with some bruises and maybe even a broken arm. Haha what if I wrote in analogies this whole post? That would be annoying. At 6am on Thursday morning, I found myself working. I hadn’t gone to sleep yet [

The new year arrived and we retreated. It was an impulse decision. I called my grandpa (who has owned the lakehouse for 26 years) and he had a neighbor turn up the heat before we left. We called it The Wonder Jam’s corporate retreat. All of our employees went (ahem…me and Adam…and our dog) and

This year we decided to get gifts for our clients. In the past, I usually just worked with larger companies as a contractor so it wasn’t this personal relationship. In 2013, however, we have worked with amazing clients on an ongoing basis. I was sitting at my desk one day racking my brain on what [&hellip

Erika and I hosted a Haute Blog workshop in Indianapolis last weekend. It was so wonderful to spend an entire afternoon with so many amazing women. Even though I was sick as a dog (I slept 11 hours that night!), it was 100% worth it. I’m excited to share all of their newly launched blogs […]

I’ve been pretty busy lately. Mostly juggling the business side of things with creative work. I’ve had a lot of photoshoots and have been learning a lot. I decided to host a pop-up shoot at a local park and charged $30 for a 15 minute shoot with people and their dogs! I used all of […]

Owning your own business is fun! I get to work in my pajamas if I want, I can take a vacation whenever I can afford it and I can take on the clients that fit well with my personality. Those are often things that don’t happen at an office job. But with an office job […]

This post is sort of a preface to the one scheduled for tomorrow. Tomorrow I’ll be talking about finding clients as an entrepreneur. I’ve learned a lot about the subject over the last few years but especially so within the past couple months. But I took a break while writing that post to think throu

After polling all of you guys in my survey last week, I found that many of you want insight into being self-employed and how I handle certain aspects! It’s definitely something that I’ve been wanting to do and so I’m glad you all want to see it as well! The first post will be all […]

When Adam and I started working together full-time, syncing our calendars was one of the first things that we did. It was sort of a debacle. I honestly don’t even know how we did it but it went a little something like this: We had years of synced calendars through iCal We wanted to switch […]

Did you know that my husband and I own a company called The Wonder Jam? We help individuals and small businesses build their brand, get a little goofy + highlight how they’re unique. Here are a few examples of our current client work. We gravitate towards people who do what they love. Because we love wha

A year ago today I started a business. On my own. I still don’t know what it is or what it’s going to become. But I like it. And I hope for many more years to come.

For those that don’t know (or maybe you’ve recently started stopping by this space), Adam and I own our own business together. We’re partners in every sense of the word and I love it. Those that work in marketing/design can often talk about it vaguely. It’s hard for people to even know w