Day-to-day, my life is always different. But certain days of the week tend to be similar. If you want to read more about how I handle my schedule, you can read it here. I documented what I did today, a Wednesday. Welcome to a day in the life of me.  9:00am: I wake up. As I […]

We’ve occupied our studio for over 4 years now and we’ve slowly made it our own. Last year we renovated our conference room with the help of Mix Design Collective and we love it so much. You can see a before and after here. Now I’m itching to do something else. Something to this room, [&hellip

Day-to-day, my life is always different. But certain days of the week tend to be similar. If you want to read more about how I handle my schedule, you can read it here. I documented what I did today, a Tuesday. Welcome to a day in the life of me.  8:45am: I wake up. We had […]

This little DIY project has been a long time coming. I’ve wanted a corkboard somewhere in the studio for awhile. We have a larger one in our bathroom where we pin fun things from people, business cards and letters. A LONG time ago, our friend Tim built this rolling background (where we can hang rolls [&he

Day-to-day, my life is always different. But certain days of the week tend to be similar. If you want to read more about how I handle my schedule, you can read it here. I documented what I did today, a Monday. Welcome to a day in the life of me. Warning: it’s not too thrilling.  […]

There have been many times that Adam and I have faced a crossroad in our business. We recently recorded a podcast about advice we’ve been given that didn’t suit us (I think it goes up next week). We’ve been told to raise our prices. “You could charge $25,000 for a website,” they sa

We’ve owned The Wonder Jam for over 5 years (and we’ve lived in Columbus for 10). We work with small businesses and after that many years, you get to know a city like Columbus pretty well. It’s not uncommon for us to sit at the bar and talk marketing with the owner. Or for the […]

Our financial consultant, Mike Albert, recently tweeted, “Working exclusively with small businesses, I can tell you it’s almost never as glamorous/lucrative as it appears from the outside. If there’s a brand out there that you love make it a point to patronize them as often as possible. Even better te

We recently upgraded some of our computers (helloooo iMac Pro) and whenever we do this, I get excited and overwhelmed at the same time. When I recently upgraded my iPhone last October, I forgot to back it up. I was in Chicago for my grandpa’s funeral and in an instant, I realized I could possibly lose [&

Our podcast is back for its 4th season. The term “season” makes me laugh because it’s not like we wait a year in between (just a few weeks). We’ve slightly changed the format every season and we’re really excited about this season’s structure. We’ll release an episode e

I grew up as a fine artist. I learned to paint with oils and watercolors via semi-private lessons at the age of twelve after learning as much as I could on my own. People told me, “You’re so talented!” I won every contest and competition that I entered. I repeated AP Art in high school. I [&h

Today I took the afternoon off and sat outside for over two hours in the sunshine on our patio. Desh even joined. It made me think about taking breaks. Adam has been experimenting with the Pomodoro Technique and has been loving it. I also recently read Breanna’s post about working for two hours and taking

I’ve owned a small business full-time here in Columbus for almost 6 years. In that time, I’ve learned a lot about competition. I hear whispers about feuding businesses, petty gossip, jealousy. After reading Kayla’s tweet (below), I decided to share some thoughts. Digging Deeper Into Competiti

I really hated 2017. And while I’m practicing gratitude in the current year of 2018, I can still admit that I really, really hated 2017. I’ll talk more about that later. Another time. What I’d like to talk about today is incorporating structure into your life in order to find the most freedom.

Photographing a cookbook has been on my career dream list since I first picked up a camera. I was so honored when Taylor of Simply Taylor asked me to photograph her amazing creations. Back in June, we shot for five straight days (16 recipes per day!) at our studio. The cookbook, Real Food, Real Simple, [&hellip

I’ve worked for myself for almost three years now and a lot of my friends have as well. Adam and I started The Wonder Jam back in 2013 and pretty consistently have had interns every spring, summer and fall. They have never been virtual, always in-person. Just recently we brought on an admin assistant/stud

A couple months ago, I shared about our new couch from Interior Define. We got two other small couches that I hope to share later this year. We have one in our actual working office (enclosed) and one we plan to use in the warehouse. We finally worked on the last few details in the main […]

I was shooting non-stop last month for our Death to Stock trip. I got tired of lugging my DSLR around and haven’t really touched it in a few weeks besides full day client shoots. It makes me sad and am thinking about buying a smaller camera for everyday life with friends, family and at our studio. [&hell

In between trips, we finally got our main couch delivered! When we first were planning to add a sitting area, we figured it’d be a regular couch against a different wall. When we saw this couch from Interior Define, we knew we had to have it. We just weren’t sure where. Our studio is sort of [&hell

We’ve been in our studio for over a year and I can honestly say it’s like a hybrid of having another business and another apartment. It’s this space that has quite an influence over your income and network while also being a relatively large investment that you don’t even own. It’s

When I was freelancing by myself out of our “dining room-meets-living-room-meets-office,” I met Matt on a web design project. He was the developer and it was honestly one of the first websites I ever created. After collaborating a couple more times, he gradually came on as The Wonder Jam’s de

Making friends as an adult can be weird. When I first moved to Columbus in 2009, I found all my friends via Twitter. Well, who am I kidding? This is still true. Just add Instagram to the list. I spent a lot of time in 2009 partaking in a lot of small talk. It was brutal. […]

Currently trying to work through: How much time to spend with people before they become a client. 15 minutes on the phone seems too short, an hour in-person is exhausting. How to spend time by myself without it being centered around my phone or a bright screen. And not feeling guilty when that’s sometimes

Adam and I started working together full-time in May of 2013. At that point, we had been married for four years and we had both been working from home. The first year was hard. Suddenly we were solely responsible for 100% of our income. We had to communicate more than ever. I’m an introvert. He’

Every year I visit my hometown to stay with my sister while my parents are in Hawaii. It’s a long visit and it seems to always come at the perfect time. I’m not sure why but I tend to flee “real life” and use this time to regroup. I have a huge kitchen, weeks without in-person […

The other night I started watching this movie called The Women. Like I always do, I looked it up on Wikipedia and learned that it’s a remake of a film from the 1930’s. It follows a group of friends in NYC and touches on independence, infidelity, finding happiness in yourself + much more. Interesting