I spend a lot of time all of my time on Pinterest. If you don’t have Pinterest, comment below and I’ll try to send you an invitation. Seriously, you need to be on it. Anyways, they recently updated their logo and I absolutely love it. Here it is before, along with a sketch/graphic during the proces

With this whole 30 Day Drawing Challenge…I realized that I could just do the challenge (crappy drawings and all) or I could really try to create a style within my sketches. I am by no means an illustrator but as a designer I think it’s important to be able to convey your ideas on paper […]

We’re packing a lot in this weekend. Off to Chicago to see family, friends, friend’s beautiful baby boy, and try to shoot film. I’m ending this week fully exhausted so maybe I can catch a few zzzz’s on the way up there. Enjoy your weekend and thanks for being patient while I compile lots

I was approached by David Bushell, a designer based out of London, last month and he asked me to be a part of xheight. A portion of his email read: The concept of “what design means to you” would mean writing about your personal theory and experience in design. Nothing practical or directly relating

I kept it simple. My logo? Not perfect. Some of the serifs are a little off and it has no rhyme or reason. But, I like it like that. I wanted to be able to hand someone my card (maybe scribble something on the back) and allow them to get a sense of how I […]

I took my portfolio site down awhile ago and set a date for a relaunch. “April 1st,” I thought. It seemed far enough away. So much time to get super awesome clients and photograph my work professionally…maybe even get pictures taken of myself so I look really cool and pretty?! April Fools Day, ME.

Recent loveliness that has caught my eye. [Ligatures found on Flickr, Edge Painted Letterpress Business Cards, Two other business cards found on Graphic-Exchange, Graphic found on Flickr, and Custom type found on We Love Typography.]

My wonderful friends (Josh and Megan Cook) have created a blog! It’s called He Makes She Makes and it’s a place where they’ll share inspiration and creative loveliness. I’m so excited to see all the posts they have planned and I’d suggest you add them to your blog-reader-of-choice.

Recently found designs that I love (clockwise): Beautiful type + pink found here, great book cover found here, La Dolce Vita found here, and great signage found here.

Looking to decorate your walls? Look no further. Well, actually, you should look further so you can help me add to my list of resources. This Monday Link Love is all things wall. From top to bottom: These Are Things, Rifle Paper Co, The Small Stakes, Urban Outfitter’s Print Shop, 20 x 200, and Debbie [&he

I’m excited and honored to be a part of 20 Best Twenty for the next two months. As stated on their site, “20 Best Twenty reveals the best designs, premier pieces, and unique products from independent makers across the globe. Every two months, 20 new items in 20 unique categories will be highlighted

Work is pouring in, I hardly have a moment to remember to sit up straight (finally seeing a chiropractor next week) but I’m staying inspired. I like making lists so here is my current, random list: 1. Only take creative clients. 2. It’s okay to say no. 3. CTRL+S OFTEN. No, CONSTANTLY. 4. Spend more

I was perusing the Interwebs for some floral inspiration and realized that when done well, it can be a really beautiful thing. Growing up painting and drawing, I always had people ask me on the spot, “Hey draw something right now….on this napkin!” And I’d be thinking in my head, “W

Around mid-March I’ll be teaming up with The Rogue Magnolia to photograph my printed pieces. I’m excited about her creativity and extremely talented approach to photography. Here are a few pieces that have inspired me when it comes to my future shoot! Obviously they’re all very different so I&

After collaborating a few times here in Columbus, participating in an awesome photoshoot, and meeting such talented professionals, ALL I WANT TO DO IS COLLABORATE. Of course, as an artist, I enjoy working by myself as an individual artist but something within just wants to share the experience. SO, if this idea

I judge books by their cover. That also goes for albums and their artwork. I pinned this image on Pinterest awhile ago and then went to the source. Commence dancing booty in my chair. It took me to Fiction Fred. I’m currently exploring the blog (by Fred, a graphic designer from Cape Town, South Africa). [

I’ve got Valentine’s Day on the mind. I love these cards that I’ve come across. The top cards are by Spoonful on Etsy. (originally found here). The middle cards are by Hello Handmade (originally found here). And of course, the lovely cards on the bottom are Rifle Paper Co.‘s products. Lo

I’ve always had the biggest design crush on Keetra Dean Dixon. The pieces I’ve featured above are a part of a project. Check out all her work here. AMAZING! Seriously, I’m her biggest admirer.

Found type. From top to bottom: Avant Garde 8 Sold, Star Wars typographic posters, Type variations, GT, Herb Lubalin, Fortune Favors the Brave. *DROOL* Do you love type now too?

Um, yes I still haven’t seen it. It takes A LOT to get me to the movie theater. I promise it’ll happen. Until then, I can still love the movie poster variations that I found on Where the Lovely Things Are.