After cleaning up the house, tending to email and packing up the car, we hit the road on a trip to Adam’s uncle’s cabin. The property is beautiful, the cabin lovely and it boasts zero cell service. With it being one of the hottest weekends of the year (so far), we spent a lot of […]

Last week we took a quick 2.5 hour roadtrip to Indianapolis for a client presentation and to see Fleet Foxes in concert. Both reasons for the visit were superb but we also ate some great food and had some amazing drinks. In my opinion, cities like Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis are underrated in the eyes

We saw Fleet Foxes tonight in Indianapolis and I only teared up three times. The last song sings: “I was raised up believing I was somehow unique Like a snowflake distinct among snowflakes, unique in each way you can see And now after some thinking, I’d say I’d rather be A functioning cog in s

After every trip, I try to make a list of ways to take it home with me. Each trip teaches me something new. Sometimes lessons overlap. Reminders versus new revelations. Other times, a trip can reinforce why you do what you do and where you live where you live. This trip? I brought back a […]

We planned a trip to New York for my birthday, just a little belated. I first spent time in the city when I was just shy of 21. It was a college trip and all things centered around art. All the museums, all the galleries, DUMBO. Adam and I took our first trip together to […]

If you didn’t know, Adam roasts his own coffee. Besides his amazing presence in my life, the coffee that he roasts has changed my life. I’ve not tasted anything so delicious. That’s great, right? Because I have access to him AND his coffee. My life is complete. Until we travel… We normal

We took a last minute trip to Cincinnati (you can read about our last trip here) today for our client, Cherbourg Cyprus, and we got to hang out with our friends at Edelmade! Lauren and Mike are the duo behind the creative studio and had fun interrupting their work day to chat all things life […]

We spent the day in Cincinnati after taking photos for our client, Cherbourg Cyprus. It was a rare, sunny day in that corner of Ohio and, while it was cold, there were many people out and about. I picked up two cute cards (my go-to purchase in new shops) and we had a chai latte […]

Since September 4th, we’ve traveled 8,500 miles. I’m happy. I’m tired. Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, Bloomington, Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago. We stopped back at home between a couple of those trips and I’m excited to be home for a full month before I go back to Chicago again in

We just spent the past 10 days between San Diego and Seattle (September 4-13) and realized I hadn’t done a packing post in awhile! I’ve done these before for Hawaii and NYC where I break down what I’m glad I packed, what I wish I hadn’t packed and what I wish I had brought along instead

We’re about to embark on a two-week travel period and I’m so excited. I just returned home from a week visiting family and my bag isn’t unpacked from that trip yet. I clearly have a lot to do before we leave but I planned this post to share some multi-city packing tips! We’ll be headi

We were in Los Angeles (technically posted up in Venice) for six days. Here’s a list of everything we did. Because who wants to read paragraphs about someone’s trip? Spent a few days between Abbot Kinney in Venice and Santa Monica A night out in West Hollywood with my best bae Evan Hosted an amazing

After New Orleans, we hopped on a plane and flew to San Diego! Adam and I had about three days to ourselves in between Death to Stock stops which would explain the lack of photos. I had been shooting so much prior that I mostly left my camera at our hotel. If we weren’t at the […]

New Orleans was the second stop on our Death to Stock road trip. We arrived last Tuesday after a time with family over Memorial Day weekend and headed straight to Satsuma for some healthy food. I had been awake since 5am and when I feel grimy, I want eggs and juice! We spent the rest […]

We spent last week in Minneapolis/St. Paul (mostly Minneapolis) and really crushed hard on the Twin Cities (capitalized?). We stayed downtown with our awesome friend Grant, but the awesome weather didn’t really show up until the last afternoon.

Since the start of May, we’ve been traveling a lot. The Death to the Stock Photo city roadtrips led to me visiting my family which led to our trip to the beach which led to a few days in Chicago for a client project which led to Cincinnati for Beyonce (yes, she and Jay were amazing). It’s [&hellip

Our last day in New York City was technically in Brooklyn again. After being somewhat MIA from work for the last four days, the three of us had a lot to catch up on as Monday morning rolled around. We decided to take care of the things we needed while at the apartment (How amazing […]

  Our last full day in New York City was good for my soul. We slept in (it was a Sunday) and rushed off to the Williamsburg flea to meet up with Kathryn to shoot photos. We spent the rest of the morning walking around Williamsburg, shopping and shooting photos.

The weather spoiled us on our third day in New York City. 70’s and sunny throughout the entire day. I had spent the night prior working on a client project until pretty late so we woke up super rushed and off to my blowout appointment at DreamDry in Manhattan. I love DreamDry over DryBar for […]

Our second day in New York City was…drenched. It rained all day and the wind was quite impressive. Read: my hair instantly turned into a nest of frizz. We had a few meetings in Little Italy and so we ducked into Oro Bakery & Bar for some warm drinks while the guys drooled over their pretzel […

Long time, no talk! We had been in NYC since last Thursday and arrived back in Columbus late Monday. Yesterday I spent the day catching up on email + client work but I thought I would break up each day in NYC and give them each their own post. I took enough pictures to share!

Last weekend, Adam and I spent a few days down in Nashville for our Death to the Stock Photo roadtrip! I had been begging Adam to go back to Nashville (I had been there three times before) and I finally got him to understand just why I love it so much. I’ve decided to break down […]

Most of the blogs that I follow are based on either coast (mainly NYC or LA) and while I tend to drool over their photos, I will always be a midwest girl. I grew up in Illinois, went to college in Indiana and now I live in Ohio. Last weekend we spent 24 hours in Indianapolis […]

I grew up in Illinois (2 hours of south of Chicago) but frequented the city/suburbs frequently. Most of my family lives in the Chicago area and so does my best friend. We try to visit as many times as we can but our time in the city neighborhoods are always cut short. We did manage […]

Today’s CITY GUIDE is brought to you by Laura! It only took a day for me to fall in love with Madrid. Against all odds, I didn’t miss the ocean or the beach but was intrigued by the small streets, huge buildings, and the art community. The capital of Spain has so much to offer […]

We’re headed to our family lakehouse today and I’m pretty stoked. A weekend with my best friends (and no dog…he’s staying home with my brother) is heaven. The weather looks lovely. It’s supposed to be cold enough at nights to roast marshmallows! Hurray!

Our last full day in NYC was a busy one! We were (again) blessed with amazing weather. We started off the day with an iced coffee from Cup and finally went to Waffle and Wolf. We had been exceptionally excited about this place because they offer amazing stuff wrapped inside waffles. It’s like a waffle bu

Our third day in NYC actually took place IN New York City. I overslept (story of my life) so we got ready and hopped on the subway to see Kellyn off. We ended up in Soho with only 25 minutes to spare and so we ducked into a Starbucks for a coffee and food. A […]

Day 2 in NYC (okay…still Brooklyn) was fabulous and warm. My best friend Kellyn came in from Philly and we headed out to the Brooklyn Flea in Fort Greene, shopped and ate tacos (obviously). After the flea we headed to the park and enjoyed the gorgeous day. I love walking around and seeing all the [&hellip