I started this book on my birthday (May 9th) and just finished it last night. While the paperback doesn’t feel too long, it was over 560 pages, I believe. The characters were very real and predominately Korean or Korean-American. I haven’t read a lot of books written by Asian authors or read a novel

Over the past two years, I’ve been a magnet to books concerning death. Last week, I picked up The Bright Hour off the top of my “to read” pile of books and it broke my heart every night. It’s a memoir and it’s about trying to fight cancer while living and simultaneously dying&#8230

I recently finished Tell The Wolves I’m Home and I really loved it. It was a really sweet and gentle book about grief. I resonated with so many aspects of the book. There’s a specific and recurring element that I connected to so much: you’ll do anything to be closer to someone you’ve los