(so throw the party already) The internet is a scam and I’m here to tell you to host that dinner party already. If you’re like me, you log onto Instagram or Pinterest and you see a breathtaking kitchen. You stare lovingly at that photo with the exposed shelving — the mismatched ceramics still somehow

Last week, I asked my Instagram followers about money after listening to this episode of Call Your Girlfriend. I had them submit what they thought was confusing, what were their wins, what were their fails. I shared most of them over on my saved Instagram story titled, “Money” but I also wanted to s

  Yesterday, Elise had me on her podcast to wrap up The 100 Day Project (the third year in a row we’ve participated and discussed). You can listen to it here! I was able to express how this project felt in all its ups and downs. We ended the podcast and I felt like I […]

  Poem by Amy Turn Sharp Today I recorded an episode of Elise’s podcast to wrap up this 100 Day Project. In it, I shared that I had a long list of blog posts to write and it never happened. This honestly feels like a really great, literal metaphor for my life. I have a […]

Adam and I always love asking people about their drink of choice. I always order an Old Fashioned or something whiskey-centric. In the summer, I’ll sometimes go for a vodka soda with lime. If the bartender is super talented, I’ll let them make whatever. If you’re at a bar, what’s your go

  Today I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in so long and after a hug, he asked, “How’s Desh?” That’s exactly what I want people to ask me and I realized how offended I actually feel that more people don’t ask about my dog. Because let’s be honest…work is the

I’ve spent most of my teenage years battling breakouts and texture. I begged my mom to let me go tanning because I was using so much makeup to cover it up. Sadly, I convinced her because I could practice driving to the salon before getting my license. I tanned from age 15 until my mid-20s. […]

I’d be lying if I said I worked really hard to get this radish. Adam built our raised beds, ordered the seeds, grew them and transported them to said beds. This morning, I spotted a radish and I pulled it out. It’s sitting in our kitchen and I’m excited to eat it with homemade tacos. […

  As I’ve mentioned before, I really love cooking. Adam’s entire family is in town and his sister is vegan so I made this recipe from Against All Grain. Instead of ghee, I used vegan butter. It’s paleo, too. Delicious! And I love finding ways to use my Instant Pot. Do you have any favorit

  After taking photos of lots of people, you start hearing the same feedback or preferences. When I was taking a lot of portraits, the go-to was, “I don’t like taking photos when I’m smiling with my teeth because my cheeks get big.” Yep. That’s what cheeks do! If you felt self

It’s Tuesday but it feels like a Friday and sort of like a Monday? While most people day drink tomorrow, I will probably be working. I love getting ahead when everyone else is distracted. Here are some things that I’ve found interesting lately: 1. This nightie by Recliner – I googled “co

  Later this month, we’re hosting a garage sale at The Wonder Jam studio and ALL money made will be donated to RAICES in Texas. Treating human beings like anything less than a human being is wrong. Treating people like they aren’t equal because they’re different is wrong. As a business ow

After cleaning up the house, tending to email and packing up the car, we hit the road on a trip to Adam’s uncle’s cabin. The property is beautiful, the cabin lovely and it boasts zero cell service. With it being one of the hottest weekends of the year (so far), we spent a lot of […]

I have this habit of thinking of the worst version of everything. Once Adam suggested we get a neon sign and I wrinkled my nose and said, “Ew like a bar sign?” Adam paused and said, “Think of the best version of a neon sign. That’s what I mean.” For some reason my brain never [&hel

  A few years ago, Ashley invited me to participate in her campaign #theimperfectboss. I shared about how owning a business is lonely. This year, I was asked again to participate in #theimperfectwoman campaign and said, YES of course. Duh. Because I am exactly that. While I might have shared a couple of ye

I married my best friend 9 years ago today. Nine years ago to the minute (it’s 11:55pm), I was probably passed out, completely exhausted in our hotel room while Adam was ordering me pizza because I didn’t have time to eat dinner or our wedding cake. We had no idea what we had just gotten […]

Today I spent a few hours photographing Sara (pictured above) in her home. It was a photoshoot for a brand but the goal was to keep things casual and relaxed. The photos were to be candid, Sara never looked into the camera. I was so excited about the photos that I captured and it got […]

When the news gets you down and you work late or you’re feelin’ under the weather, it’s okay to disconnect for a few minutes (or a few hours or even a few days). We don’t have a vacation planned anytime soon so I’ve been trying to find a few ways to enjoy time away from […]

When I first graduated from college, I knew nothing about cooking. It was a widely known fact that “Allie was never in the kitchen.” It wasn’t until I went gluten-free (and then avoided most sugar and grain) that I started getting better at cooking. Now, I’d like to say that I’m pr

The best advice I’ve ever received: Don’t go into debt Choose your friends, don’t let them choose you Exfoliate Prioritize sleep Be more of who you are What about you?

Over the last few years, I’ve gotten a little tense. Between working on my laptop and hunching over styling food, my shoulders and neck have gotten very stiff. Every time I get a massage, the professional tells me to regularly get massages. And then I don’t. But now I’m starting to. I went to

I took this photo at 9:03pm tonight. After a day of constant rain (and even flooding near our house), the sky seemed to open up to remind us of the longest day of the year. It made me think of the times I’ve flown into a new city, the sun beating down on the plane. […]

Day-to-day, my life is always different. But certain days of the week tend to be similar. If you want to read more about how I handle my schedule, you can read it here. I documented what I did today, a Wednesday. Welcome to a day in the life of me.  9:00am: I wake up. As I […]

My heart breaks every time I read the news. Children will be forever damaged by what has been happening in this country. Families broken. Fear. Trauma. I’m almost left speechless. I blogged a few weeks ago about community and how there are moments in your life where you feel that community sweep over you.

With a little over 3 weeks left in this challenge, I’m starting to reflect on what it’s been like so far. If I could go back in time, I probably still would have chosen blogging as my thing. Have I enjoyed it? Not particularly. It hasn’t been awful but it still doesn’t feel quite like

I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree lately. Nothing major but I realized it because the last two years (when I was also doing The 100 Day Project), my spending habits chilled out. It was because I was finding a lot of fulfillment in making things and this challenge hasn’t been like that […

I’ve had this post in mind for awhile and I was reminded of it when I got a text from my friend Val and realized I never responded to an older text (I am notorious for this). She asked what I bought at Thrive Market and mentioned, “Maybe make this a blog post?!” I thought […]

Tonight I cried at a concert because the guy standing next to me was wearing the same cologne or aftershave that my grandpa wore. I wanted to tap his shoulder and ask, “Can you hug me?” But I figured that’d be weird. Instead, I smiled through the tears and hoped the band thought it was [&helli

That thing where you go to blog at 10pm after being sick for the last 24 hours but you get distracted by things on the internet and then you realize it’s 11:45pm and you really don’t have a single thing to write about because all you did was lay around all day waiting to feel […]