I hosted the 30 Day Photo Challenge on my blog in September 2011. Below are the links to the individual posts and you can click here to view fun stats about the challenge. Feel free to take the challenge and comment below if you post them on your website or blog!

Day 1: Yourself

Day 2: What You Wore

Day 3: Your Favorite Place to Be

Day 4: From a High Angle

Day 5: Whatever You Want

Day 6: From a Low Angle

Day 7: Silhouette 

Day 8: Something Close Up

Day 9: Something From a Distance

Day 10: Whatever You Want

Day 11: Black & White

Day 12: Same Shot, Different Light

Day 13: Photo Edit You Like

Day 14: Focusing on Eyes

Day 15: Whatever You Want

Day 16: Experimenting with Light

Day 17: Street Lights

Day 18: Depicting Emotion

Day 19: Landscape

Day 20: Whatever You Want

Day 21: Sunset

Day 22: Someone You Love

Day 23: Childhood Memory

Day 24: Favorite Color Scheme

Day 25: Whatever You Want

Day 26: Playing with Shadows

Day 27: Natural Light

Day 28: Incorporate Motion

Day 29: Clouds

Day 30: Yourself…30 Days Later


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