Non-alcoholic drink recommendations

I don’t feel great when I drink alcohol but I love a really good, non-sweet drink. These are some of my favorite NA drinks (as someone who does not struggle with alcohol and as someone who is not and doesn’t plan to be pregnant). I have found, over the years, that I don’t like NA red wine or NA liquor replacements. I tend to lean into pre-packaged drinks and white wine or rosé!

Non-alcoholic drinks that I love:

Non-alcoholic drinks that I didn’t love but would definitely drink if it was offered to me:

  • Tost – a bit too sweet and has some tea to beware if you avoid caffeine or are drinking it late
  • Ghia Lime & Salt – refreshing but left me wanting more of a bite (either with salt or lime)
  • Oddbird Rosé – lost the bubbles quicker than I like and when it’s flat, it’s a bit too sweet for me!
  • Wolffer Estate’s Spring in a Bottle – still a bit sweeter than I’m looking for but liked it more than Oddbird’s Rosé!

July 6, 2024