Celeb Site Chat #2: Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki

My second installment of celeb site chats! You can read my first one about Kacey Musgraves’ website here. This little chat is all about Nicole Polizzi’s website! If you happen to have watched one of the best seasons of reality television (Jersey Shore Season 1), than you probably know Nicole as Snooki. She has a website and so let’s get into it:

When you first visit the site, you’re greeted with a rotating array of three photos of Nicole rocking swimwear. In one of them she’s holding a hula hoop which is cool. Love those. Then I’m prompted with a fork in the road: enter her site or get my bottle of Messy Mawma Wine now in her shop. I am, unfortunately, not a wine drinker so I clicked the black button. (Don’t worry, I end up in her shop later). I can also decide to click to follow her on social media. I was glad to see they all open in a new tab. The site is built in WordPress.

After clicking “ENTER SITE,” I entered the main site as promised:

After hovering over the grid of images, I notice that they almost all lead to somewhere else. The top two (most left) image boxes lead me to the same place: her tour. The top two (most right) image boxes lead me to her shop. The repetition is interesting. The bottom left takes me to her blog (which makes sense and is titled appropriately). The box titled “It’s Happening with Snooki & Joey” takes me to an iTunes link. Her bio box takes me to her bio page. The bottom right takes me nowhere. It’s just an image.

Her tour page looks like this:

Her buttons link out to external sites like Tixr or Ticketmaster. You can see her in Massachusetts for $40! I then clicked over to her blog and was bummed to see that she hasn’t blogged since 2018!! If you aren’t aware, that’s six years ago. It’s a common thing to lose blogging steam. It’s happened to me so many times. There are 8 total blog posts and the blog sidebar informed me that Nicole has two books. A review on Amazon reads, “A note for the people who have talked bad about Nicole, if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say it at all.” Very true, Stacy. Very true.

One thing I’ll make note of: both screenshots above don’t really give you an idea of where you are. It can be nice to use breadcrumbs, an active state in your nav noting what page you’re on, and/or a title at the top. Her About page does one of these things (page title) which reminds you where you are in case you weren’t paying attention to what you clicked on.

At this point, I felt like I explored all that I could on her main site and decided to click over to her shop! The shop is pretty basic, not overly designed. Her logo for The Snooki Shop has two versions that I can see (one that’s wider, one that’s stacked). Both have a kiss lip print. Based on her mega menu, she sells clothing, accessories, beauty, and shoes. Any user can click on “Shop” instead of just hovering and using the mega menu to see all products. She currently has 464 skus or individual products listed in her Shopify store. I cannot tell if this view overlaps with the other categories in her navigation titled: Wedding Guest, Pride, and Snooki Merch.

Back to the fact that her shop’s hero section highlights her 2000’s collection. I clicked on the image and it took me to a page that teases more sub collections. You see the same hero image again (this is the second time I’ve seen it at this point) and can click into that and then you see a true Shopify collection. After hovering over a lot of different 2000’s collection calls-to-action/buttons, I would love to know how her merchandise is set up from a collections standpoint. Fascinating and messy.

Based on the product description page (PDP), you can see that it’s pretty standard. It says that I can pick this hat up at the Madison, New Jersey location within 2 hours. So, of course, I am now curious about the locations and if this shop even ships. So I scroll to the bottom of the shop. There is a shipping and returns page which would lead me to believe that they do ship. But I also learn that there are three locations!! Snooki has three brick & mortar shops? Amazing. There’s a fourth coming soon to Nashville. Has anyone been to one? Please let me know. The Snooki Shop has its own social accounts and their Instagram has over 500k followers. I am so impressed, Nicole!!!

The Shopify store has two pop-ups running which is one too many. Plus I have the ability to sign up for rewards. Love it.

My overall thoughts and notes:

  • Nicole is doing the most: touring, podcasting, ecommerce-ing
  • I think her sites’ presences could be so much more saturated with her style and brand
  • I would love to help her organize her merchandise on her Shopify store
  • She’s using this theme for her WordPress site
  • She’s using this theme for her Shopify site
  • She has a “Trending” link in her WordPress navigation that does not load/gives me an error

Celebrities, they’re just like us!

June 9, 2024