Celeb Site Chat #1: Kacey Musgraves

Last week in my weekly newsletter I mentioned wanting to start another newsletter that walked through celebrity websites because I love designing websites and I love celebrity culture. Then I realized, “I have my own website with a blog,” so here we are! These website breakdowns are meant to be fun. They are not technical deep dives into how a site is constructed or performing. They are also not judgements on design aesthetic. I’d rather call out things that anyone can discover with simple tools, fun observations, and how I see a site as a website designer. I hope you enjoy! Feel free to DM me on Instagram if you have a celeb website request.

Upon landing on Kacey’s site, I notice the following things:

  • She has a new logo or mark for this album. I can see nods to Americana, quilting, and the shapes of both a “K” and an “M.” It’s a beautiful day as a public figure or brand when you can use something so visual (without spelling it out)
  • She’s using the font Gotham (I use the Chrome extension WhatFont to identify fonts) as her main font
  • Her menu is simple but typical for a musician
  • The site is built on WordPress (you can find this out by right clicking on a site and viewing page source)
  • The call-to-action in this view frames her face. I love the grainy photo. It’s also used as her IG profile pic now
  • The “pre-order” button links externally to a microsite that allows you to choose how you want to pre-order her album and from where

She has two areas on her homepage (sliders) where she’s first pushing pre-order of vinyls (external site) and merch (external link to her own Shopify. more on that below)

A lot of times, my clients want to title or add headings to these sections. I do think that’s always helpful but I understand that in some cases, it’s fairly obvious what each section is trying to do.

Her tour section is an embed from a platform called Seated. Each button ultimately linked out to Ticketmaster. It’s the only instance where the font Roboto comes into play.

She uses this video section to separate the tour from a shoppable slider:

It is a Youtube video and when you click it, it pop ups (lightbox) and starts to play. There are three videos in this slider.

My favorite discovery on Kacey’s site was the font used for the section header “Want to go deeper?” It reads as a font called DeeperWell which is not a font that you can buy or find online. I love when an artist or a brand makes their own font! It’s so extra!! And I love when other people want to know more too.

The rest of the site is simple.

Like I mentioned above, she’s using Shopify to power her store where she’s selling bundles, candles, vinyl, cassette, sweater vest, and more. She’s using a theme called Debut which has been removed from the Shopify theme store back in 2022.

Kacey has always done a great job of aligning her album with a scent. This Shopify store is extremely simple. It’s not trying to be a vibe (I wish it was more of a vibe). I do love that you can shop by album because you realize there are way more products than whatever appears on the homepage. When you add to cart, it takes you cart vs signaling that it’s been added and allowing you to keep shopping without taking you to a new page.

Some other extra notes:

  • This is the theme her main WordPress site is using
  • Other softwares and integrations that her website is using/integrating:

Celebrities, they’re just like us!

March 2, 2024