Products that I don’t like living without

I love the concept of something being so good and right for you that you stop shopping for other items like it. It’s like the marriage of capitalism. You finally found the one. Put another way: if I’m traveling, I am guaranteed to take these with me (if possible). I also have all of them on some sort of subscription billing. So here’s my list of things that I don’t look for alternatives or the shiny new object version of them.

  • Aquaphor and Burt’s Bees: I am allergic to something that is in most lip products. These two never give me issues.
  • Living Libation’s Best Skin Ever (Seabuckthorn): I use this to cleanse my face at night. I love the regular oil and the solid version as well.
  • Cometeer coffee (this link gets you $20 off your first order): The only coffee I drink at home. I get the light roast subscription and will add on decaf as needed.
  • Refresh Relieva PF eye drops: I have to use these every morning (my eyes are so dry! This is a new thing in my late 30s). My eye doctor recommended these and I have them on a subscribe & save.
  • YUNI Beauty Large Body Wipes: I use these after working out or when I just sorta smell. I always have one in my backpack and I bring a few while I’m traveling.
  • LOLA tampons: I like the fit (everyone is different) and I get it delivered to my house every month.

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January 14, 2024