You’re never going to own a Pinterest house

(so throw the party already)

The internet is a scam and I’m here to tell you to host that dinner party already. If you’re like me, you log onto Instagram or Pinterest and you see a breathtaking kitchen. You stare lovingly at that photo with the exposed shelving — the mismatched ceramics still somehow fit together perfectly. The minimalist deep inside of you (somewhere, covered up by all the stuff you own that you know you need to get rid of) smiles. “Wow. It’s really sunny inside of these homes.” You look outside and it’s cloudy. The recycling bin got knocked over and there’s a cardboard box in your front yard.

I get it. Been there.

But here are a few things you need to know:

  • Those houses are staged.
  • Those houses are extremely expensive.
  • Those food photos are taken on top of painted surfaces right next to a window (for optimal lighting).
  • That elaborate and beautiful table setting was set out for a photoshoot (and most likely not an actual dinner party).
  • No one cares what your house looks like.
  • No one cares if you forgot to sweep your floors (especially if they’re wearing socks).
  • People want to feel warmth — whether that’s from your food, your listening ear, the actual temperature, or from your cute pet.

Hosting, in my opinion, is a muscle. To suddenly host just because you recently acquired a Pinterest-esque mansion isn’t when the muscle gets strong. It starts now. So text your friends, make some food, and love on some people this month.

January 7, 2020