Vegan Nacho Cheese


As I’ve mentioned before, I really love cooking. Adam’s entire family is in town and his sister is vegan so I made this recipe from Against All Grain. Instead of ghee, I used vegan butter. It’s paleo, too. Delicious! And I love finding ways to use my Instant Pot.

Do you have any favorite InstaPot recipes? I love adding them to my list to try.

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  • Unfortunately, I don’t have any recipe to share since I’m a terrible cook/baker, haha. But I’m so excited to be here leaving a comment on your blog after discovering your 100 days of blogging project (better later than never LOL)!

    I started blogging in 2010, but I’ve been a little burned out lately and I even thought about closing my blog last year. I’ve recently started blogging again in an old-school style (not caring about SEO and How To posts) and I’m looking for more spontaneous bloggers to follow again now that it looks like everybody blogs for biz.

    100 days of blogging feels very fascinating to me, but I’m not sure to be ready for that. However, I’ve been thinking about blogging more, (almost) daily if possible, lately. Do you have any advice? Like, do you plan or draft your posts first or do you directly write on the blog every day when you feel like it? Do you keep a list of topics or do you just don’t overthink it? Thank you in advance. :)

    It’s so nice to “be back” and following your blog again!

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