Oh, Interesting Vol. 4

It’s Tuesday but it feels like a Friday and sort of like a Monday? While most people day drink tomorrow, I will probably be working. I love getting ahead when everyone else is distracted. Here are some things that I’ve found interesting lately:

1. This nightie by Recliner – I googled “comfortable nightgown” once and this Instagram ad popped up. Gosh, I love my FBI agent aka Google. I ordered it because it doesn’t look like I’ll wake up looking like this in the morning.

2. I love this branding work by Sydney!

3. Coffee inspired lip glosses? Bite knows my heart (and what my husband probably wants to eat when he kisses me). I’m going to pick up Dirty Chai.

4. I loved Lee’s post about consuming collagen. I’m going to start incorporating it into my morning routine.

5. If you’re on the Keto diet like everyone else (I am not but it doesn’t mean I don’t love good tasting low carb stuff), check out this bread.

6. The best grain-free granola in the whole world. I forgot how much I loved it after burning out a bit when I was on the Candida diet two years ago but I just ordered 2 bags of the nutmeg and 2 bags of the coffee.

What have you found to be interesting lately?

July 4, 2018