No Service

After cleaning up the house, tending to email and packing up the car, we hit the road on a trip to Adam’s uncle’s cabin. The property is beautiful, the cabin lovely and it boasts zero cell service. With it being one of the hottest weekends of the year (so far), we spent a lot of time in and around the pond. Somehow, even the top layer of the water was like warm bath water. We slathered on sunscreen and enjoyed just how wonderful family can be. If there’s any indication of how much I need to work out, my arms are a little sore from holding onto Adam so tight while we sped around in the 4-wheeler.

Without any cell service or internet, I had a few realizations:

  • When you don’t have access to either thing, you don’t carry your phone around. Which means I took absolutely no photos. The one set as the featured image was from the time we visited the cabin two years ago.
  • Better conversations all around. With people in front of you. Not via DMs or texts.
  • I can’t figure out if time goes by slower (in a good way) or flies by without seeing the time.
  • No alarm clock because I wasn’t working because no email.
  • You appreciate little things like a faint breeze (did I mention it was really, really hot?)
  • You do wonder if your dog is okay…

Planning on a device blackout every week from now on.

July 1, 2018