How’s Desh?


Today I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in so long and after a hug, he asked, “How’s Desh?” That’s exactly what I want people to ask me and I realized how offended I actually feel that more peopleĀ don’t ask about my dog. Because let’s be honest…work is the same, life is busy, yeah it’s so hot outside, no I don’t watch that tv show…

It’s not like I’m asking to get shallow. I love my dog more than almost anything so this is me getting pretty deep. We can talk about how he knows when I’m sad and comes and sits near me (but doesn’t look me in the eye) when I’m crying. About how he knows if I’m stressed and if I look up quickly (startled) in any direction he starts to huff and puff like someone is annoying me and they have to be stopped. He cries if he sees himself on video. He can sense real and animated animals on the tv. He knows more words than most of your toddlers.

Let’s skip the small talk and get right to talking about my dog.

How’s your pet doing?

July 8, 2018