Garage Sale!


Later this month, we’re hosting a garage sale at The Wonder Jam studio and ALL money made will be donated to RAICES in Texas. Treating human beings like anything less than a human being is wrong. Treating people like they aren’t equal because they’re different is wrong. As a business owner, I have accumulated too much stuff. I’m sharing my wealth of (quality) shit with this city of ours on July 28th from 10am-3pm. Many other amazing businesses owners have pledged to donate props, books, camera and video gear, extra inventory, crafts and more to this garage sale and I’m really excited. As it gets closer and they start dropping off the stuff, I’ll be sharing snippets and previews over on Instagram on my own account and The Wonder Jam’s account.

The Garage Sale benefiting RAICES
The Wonder Jam
1145 Chesapeake Ave, Suite J
Columbus, OH 43212

While we will be selling the more expensive and nicer books in the sale, we will also have a book swap table so bring some cash (cards are accepted, too) and books you’ve already read and come be a part of the community that’s giving back.

PS And if you’re a business owner who wants to donate, comment below or DM me!

July 3, 2018