100 Days of Blogging Completed


Yesterday, Elise had me on her podcast to wrap up The 100 Day Project (the third year in a row we’ve participated and discussed). You can listen to it here! I was able to express how this project felt in all its ups and downs. We ended the podcast and I felt like I had processed the last 10%. Here’s what I learned from blogging for 100 days in a row:

When people can’t see it, it’s harder for them to support it. 

During the last two projects, I created art with my hands. Sure, I type these posts with my hands but I do it while staring at a screen. It’s hard for people to rally behind something that they can’t see or experience. Perhaps you’ve encountered this while going to therapy, getting into meditation or eating better. I think it’s easier for people to get pumped for you when you’re gaining muscle from working out, painting a picture or raising a child/dog. It’s the little things we do for ourselves, quietly and unassuming, that can be harder to understand. If you’re experiencing this, keep at it.

I don’t like being connected every day.

Taking breaks from social media and my phone were never something that I did routinely but I always loved having the choice. After blogging for 100 days, I can’t wait to take a break from being so connected. I told Elise on her podcast that I will most definitely take a break from blogging starting tomorrow and that excites me. I didn’t start my day blogging (maybe I should have) or even during a short lunch break. Because of my own choice, I blogged exclusively at night and I didn’t like ending my day on my laptop.

I’m in awe of content creators and full-time bloggers.

Seriously. How do you do it? Probably with editors, photographers and more. But still! It’s a lot! I had so many other topics that I wanted to blog about but when it came down to documenting things through photography, writing at a higher level or just taking the time to think…I just didn’t have it in me!

Completing this project is important to me.

I talked about this during Elise’s podcast episode but this project holds creative space for me. For three years, I’ve committed to doing something that I didn’t always want to do for 100 days in a row. That holds space somewhere in my brain, heart and soul. And while this wasn’t my favorite year, so far, it flexes that muscle daily until today where I’m ready to end it and start something new. If you’re feeling stuck, try something that isn’t always fun and is sometimes amazing. After writing consistently (most of the time in short form), I trust myself more. Adam always tells me that writing will help me communicate better. I think he’s right.

What a different finale

I posted 3 photos on my Instagram tonight. One of me painting a huge 6 foot tall painting. Another from 2017 where I’m hanging one of my photographs. The last photo, from yesterday, is of me in child’s pose. I’m resting. While the last two years were major creative feats for me, I had a lot more energy to give. I had an art show after each project was complete. After 100 days of blogging, I’m ready to rest for a bit. Hibernate. Refuel.

July 11, 2018