Yesterday, Elise had me on her podcast to wrap up The 100 Day Project (the third year in a row we’ve participated and discussed). You can listen to it here! I was able to express how this project felt in all its ups and downs. We ended the podcast and I felt like I […]

  Poem by Amy Turn Sharp Today I recorded an episode of Elise’s podcast to wrap up this 100 Day Project. In it, I shared that I had a long list of blog posts to write and it never happened. This honestly feels like a really great, literal metaphor for my life. I have a […]

Adam and I always love asking people about their drink of choice. I always order an Old Fashioned or something whiskey-centric. In the summer, I’ll sometimes go for a vodka soda with lime. If the bartender is super talented, I’ll let them make whatever. If you’re at a bar, what’s your go

  Today I saw a friend that I hadn’t seen in so long and after a hug, he asked, “How’s Desh?” That’s exactly what I want people to ask me and I realized how offended I actually feel that more people don’t ask about my dog. Because let’s be honest…work is the

I’ve spent most of my teenage years battling breakouts and texture. I begged my mom to let me go tanning because I was using so much makeup to cover it up. Sadly, I convinced her because I could practice driving to the salon before getting my license. I tanned from age 15 until my mid-20s. […]

I’d be lying if I said I worked really hard to get this radish. Adam built our raised beds, ordered the seeds, grew them and transported them to said beds. This morning, I spotted a radish and I pulled it out. It’s sitting in our kitchen and I’m excited to eat it with homemade tacos. […

  As I’ve mentioned before, I really love cooking. Adam’s entire family is in town and his sister is vegan so I made this recipe from Against All Grain. Instead of ghee, I used vegan butter. It’s paleo, too. Delicious! And I love finding ways to use my Instant Pot. Do you have any favorit

  After taking photos of lots of people, you start hearing the same feedback or preferences. When I was taking a lot of portraits, the go-to was, “I don’t like taking photos when I’m smiling with my teeth because my cheeks get big.” Yep. That’s what cheeks do! If you felt self

It’s Tuesday but it feels like a Friday and sort of like a Monday? While most people day drink tomorrow, I will probably be working. I love getting ahead when everyone else is distracted. Here are some things that I’ve found interesting lately: 1. This nightie by Recliner – I googled “co

  Later this month, we’re hosting a garage sale at The Wonder Jam studio and ALL money made will be donated to RAICES in Texas. Treating human beings like anything less than a human being is wrong. Treating people like they aren’t equal because they’re different is wrong. As a business ow

After cleaning up the house, tending to email and packing up the car, we hit the road on a trip to Adam’s uncle’s cabin. The property is beautiful, the cabin lovely and it boasts zero cell service. With it being one of the hottest weekends of the year (so far), we spent a lot of […]