You Are What You Love

My heart breaks every time I read the news. Children will be forever damaged by what has been happening in this country. Families broken. Fear. Trauma. I’m almost left speechless.

I blogged a few weeks ago about community and how there are moments in your life where you feel that community sweep over you. It’s love, it’s money, it’s support.

But sometimes I stop and think, “Is my love small?” I realize that my love could reach greater depths. We can all get so wrapped up in our own families, our own cities, our own communities. When I sense that my love feels small, I challenge myself to use my voice. Or amplify others. Give freely of my own resources. Share my money.

If we have to see people in order to love them, we have a problem. If the only people we love look just like us, we have a problem. Who do you love and how do you do it?

Handlettering by Maddy Nye

June 20, 2018