The Little Things

When the news gets you down and you work late or you’re feelin’ under the weather, it’s okay to disconnect for a few minutes (or a few hours or even a few days). We don’t have a vacation planned anytime soon so I’ve been trying to find a few ways to enjoy time away from the computer or my phone. Things that mean I’m resting and disconnecting. Here’s my current running list:

1. This Jet Lag Mask by Summer Fridays

2. The song Rose in Harlem by Teyana Taylor

3. Lifting weights

4. Scheduling spa services during the week

5. Bug bites┬ábecause it means I’m hanging outside

6. Cooking dinner for others (and myself, of course)

7. Going to Barnes and Noble because it smells great (but buying my books at Half Price)

8. Vitamin Water Zero Lemonade + Watershed’s Gin + lots of ice

9. Saying to myself before every work task, “Enjoy this. It’s your life.”

10. Planning fun parties for later this summer. And a fundraiser for RAICES


What about you?

June 26, 2018