Project Reflection

With a little over 3 weeks left in this challenge, I’m starting to reflect on what it’s been like so far. If I could go back in time, I probably still would have chosen blogging as my thing. Have I enjoyed it? Not particularly. It hasn’t been awful but it still doesn’t feel quite like a habit and it hasn’t been generating more creativity.

There have been stretches where I wanted to disconnect from my phone and my computer. Because I like to stick to my commitments, I didn’t quit (yet. never say never). The thing is, it’s always been up to me. This project is completely vague and I’ve been in control. It’s like when I have a free night to relax and I spend too much time browsing social media. We all squander opportunities, money and moments.

Today, after two meetings and a photoshoot, I decided to take some photos for fun. No one else was in our studio and I just tinkered around. It felt to create some stuff. I came up with this:

June 18, 2018