Project Reflection

With a little over 3 weeks left in this challenge, I’m starting to reflect on what it’s been like so far. If I could go back in time, I probably still would have chosen blogging as my thing. Have I enjoyed it? Not particularly. It hasn’t been awful but it still doesn’t feel quite like a habit and it hasn’t been generating more creativity.

There have been stretches where I wanted to disconnect from my phone and my computer. Because I like to stick to my commitments, I didn’t quit (yet. never say never). The thing is, it’s always been up to me. This project is completely vague and I’ve been in control. It’s like when I have a free night to relax and I spend too much time browsing social media. We all squander opportunities, money and moments.

Today, after two meetings and a photoshoot, I decided to take some photos for fun. No one else was in our studio and I just tinkered around. It felt to create some stuff. I came up with this:

A Consideration

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  • Hi there! Long time, first time, etc.

    I’m interested to read your reflections at the end of the challenge. What were your goals when you decided to blog everyday; was it a success?

    You seem a bit down/bored with it at the moment, but what positives have come from it? For example, have you noticed an increase in website traffic? It’s always said that consistency is key for growing a following on a blog or social media- curious if your data supports that.

    • Hey there! I’m interested in my reflection next month, too. To share my goals and what I thought before I started vs after it’s done. Your observation is correct :) I would say I’m down/bored with myself vs the actual project. Kind of like if you got $20 and then realized it was almost gone and you aren’t quite sure how you spent it :) Be on the lookout for my thoughts in July!

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