Practicing Gratitude

I struggle with practicing gratitude. While I’m not a pessimistic person, I feel like my brain can bulldoze through the small things that make life grand. I’m working to practice gratitude, just like I would if I were trying to get better at learning a language. For me, that means writing down things that I’m thankful for. I’ll share my list here today:

  1. That, for a decade, people pay me money to make things for their business
  2. That I get to work alongside my husband every day
  3. Even though Desh is nine, he acts like a puppy. I’m so thankful that his energy hasn’t slowed down and he’s healthy
  4. That the people who have chosen to work for me let me figure out being a boss for the first time
  5. That we rent the cutest house in our favorite neighboorhood
  6. That Spotify exists and I can afford a family plan and can listen to literally any song that I want
  7. That we’ve had (almost) every sibling live with us at some point
  8. That I can remember my grandpa’s voice (and saved a voicemail from him in 2016)
  10. That I lived during the reign of Beyonce

What are you grateful for?

June 9, 2018