New Things! New Things!

I’ve been on a bit of a spending spree lately. Nothing major but I realized it because the last two years (when I was also doing The 100 Day Project), my spending habits chilled out. It was because I was finding a lot of fulfillment in making things and this challenge hasn’t been like that for me. For now, I’m embracing it and starting now (as I type this) I’m going to slow down on buying things. To be totally honest, all the things I’ve acquired I really love and it’s forcing me to go through all the other stuff I own to recycle, donate or throw away.

For now, I thought I’d share some of the items that I’ve picked up and enjoyed!

1. Jumbo Shrimp Moscato Cocktail: Short stories by Laura Payne and illustrations by Cole Chickering – picked this up (and the cards below) at Small Talk!

2. Sweet fruit cards by Secret Lunch

3. Delicious fig perfume from Bastide. After they saw my mentionĀ here, they let me pick out a scent to try. They had me at French figs. Plus, they give you a sample size with every purchase to try first so you can return it if you don’t like it. CAN EVERY PERFUME COMPANY DO THIS PLEASE?

4. A new lightweight pen from Poketo.

5. on way the way: I bought my first 3 products from Glossier! Will report back later. I also ordered this mask from Sephora.

June 17, 2018