My Go-To Recipes

When I first graduated from college, I knew nothing about cooking. It was a widely known fact that “Allie was never in the kitchen.” It wasn’t until I went gluten-free (and then avoided most sugar and grain) that I started getting better at cooking. Now, I’d like to say that I’m pretty good at it. The thing is: I keep things pretty simple and I don’t really follow recipes. I loosely base what I make off a recipe (or I completely make it up). I thought I’d share my go-to recipes and mention some simple combinations of foods that I typically make throughout the week:

1. Earlier this year, when our developer Matt came and stayed with us for a week, we made this carnitas recipe via the sous vide. I’ve also made them via the Instapot. They are SO good. I use them to make tacos or taco bowls.

2. Simply Taylor‘s granola and chicken tender recipe from her cookbook Real Simple, Real Food. I also love her cashew protein ball recipe.

3. Lee from America’s cauliflower smoothie recipe. I switch it up and make a lot of variations all the time.

4. Make it Paleo II’s gyro recipe! I’m sorry I can’t share the recipe but the cookbook is great!

5. The entire cookbook Every Last Crumb is amazing if you’re gluten or grain-free. The Parker House Rolls recipe is honestly the best-tasting thing I’ve ever had. I avoid yeast now and I miss it so much.

6. I often make this tuna salad recipe from Against All Grain.

7. Before I starting buying the Siete tortillas, I would make this 3-ingredient naan¬†every week. I actually want to start making them again as they’re a little thicker (duh, like naan).

8. Oldies but goodies (And writing this post reminded me to start making these again): Slaw, huevos rancheros, turkey lettuce wraps

9. Lastly, I buy a lot of “pre-made” stuff to make life easy. I shared a lot of my favorite purchases from the grocery store in this post but I do a lot of homemade pizzas, pasta, salads and more (where I’m just changing out the key or accent ingredients). I love pesto, goat cheese, roasted veggies and sauces.


If you’re eating low carb, candida or gluten-free…check out my old (not maintained) food Instagram accounts for food ideas! @amberwavesofgrainfree and @glutenfreepal

June 25, 2018