Food Stuffs

I’ve had this post in mind for awhile and I was reminded of it when I got a text from my friend Val and realized I never responded to an older text (I am notorious for this). She asked what I bought at Thrive Market and mentioned, “Maybe make this a blog post?!” I thought I’d share my favorite items from Thrive Market, Amazon and Whole Foods — mainly where I buy food stuffs — if I could only get 5 items from each. For the record, I eat gluten-free. I try to avoid dairy and grains if I don’t want to feel tired or bloated. But I’ll never quit tacos or cheese. Hell, I’ll even eat gluten if it’s worth it (like, croissants in Paris).

Whole Foods:

Whole Foods is my happy place because it carries so many things that I can eat depending on my lifestyle. The hot and salad bar never disappoint me. And when my schedule is very chaotic, I’ll use Instacart to get this stuff delivered. Every Whole Foods carries different things so this is the one place that might differ from what you can find. I also know that you can buy some of this stuff through the brand’s website:

1. Cauliflower Pizza Cust by their 365 brand. Extremely easy and really good. My margherita pizza pictured above is on this crust.

2. Siete tortillas and chips (I like the regular chips…not the lime or nacho).

3. Their guacamole!!!

4. Anita’s Coconut Yogurt is a new one for me. Simi told me about it and I’ve been able to find it a lot more now at our store. It’s what I eat for breakfast!

5. Capello’s gnocchi – in the freezer section and SO DELICIOUS

Thrive Market:

I became a member of Thrive Market awhile ago and I love ordering specific things from their site. It’s easy to browse by dietary specifications and they launched their own line of products awhile ago that beat most prices.

1. Artisana Organics Organic Raw Pecan Butter with Cashews (I can’t find the full jars at WF)

2. Their coconut aminos (like a soy-free soy sauce but sweeter) are bomb and a lot cheaper than what I can get at the store

3. Golden Monkfruit Sweeter

4. While these are available now at my Whole Foods, I used to buy all of the Simple Mills products from Thrive

5. While pretty simple, I love their almonds!


Amazon is where I buy anything that pops into my head. I add it to my cart and then one day I decide to buy some of it. I am a prime member so shipping is easy.

1. Fat Snax cookies. I ate Keto for a week and realized it’s not for me. I do, however, still like eating low carb and these cookies are perfect for that. I have a box in my pantry right now.

2. Trader Joe’s everything bagel spice. TJ’s is way too far away from our house so I get this on Amazon and avoid the suburbs.

3. Culinary coconut milk. Thick and yum! I use it in dressings, soups, in my coffee, for desserts.

4. Matcha tea!


So there ya go. Obviously, I get all the basics at the grocery store or farmer’s market but these are the things that I always refill when I’m out. What specific items do YOU love from certain stores?

PS: The Instacart + Thrive Market link both give you credit (and me too!)

June 17, 2018