Everything In Our Online Membership (So Far)

We’re about to drop our FIFTH capsule of content in our online membership for tiny business owners, freelancers and side-hustlers so I thought I’d share a list of everything that is currently in our membership waiting for you to consume.

  1. Why Content Matters
  2. Scheduling the Production
  3. Getting Creative with Stock Imagery
  4. Preparing for a Photoshoot?
  5. Podcast Creation
  6. Text Messaging Marketing Set-Up
  7. Website Checklist: Are You Ready?
  8. Pros and Cons of Popular Website Platforms
  9. Writing Captions for Social Media
  10. Email Automation
  11. Website Copy
  12. Production Schedule Calendar
  13. Maintaining Quality on Social Media
  14. Crossing the Bridge from Online to Offline
  15. 6 Stages to Your Sales Funnel
  16. How Many Things Do I Need To Sell?
  17. How Big of An Audience Do You Need?
  18. Is Your Potential Audience Big Enough For Your Business?
  19. From Interested to Customer
  20. The Payoff and Execution of Long Form Content
  21. Maintaining Connections Online and In-Person
  22. Messaging and Positioning
  23. Creating Referrals
  24. Collaborations as Audience Builders
  25. More Clients for a 1-Person, Service Based Business
  26. The Art of Copywriting
  27. Building and Making Moodboards
  28. Finding Inspiration from Unique Places
  29. Tutorials on Adobe Products + Canva (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Canva)
  30. How To Install and Use Design Assets
  31. Clarifying File Types + Formatting
  32. Formatting and Checking Links on Social Media
  33. 4 Considerations when “Designing” Your Next Email Campaign
  34. Collaborating with Artists
  35. Photography Tips + Tricks
  36. Website Aesthetics: 5 Key Things to Consider
  37. Using Words with Your Visuals
  38. Branding on a Budget
  39. Setting Yourself Up For Ad Success
  40. Google Analytics
  41. Heatmap + Visitor Recording Tracking
  42. Twitter Ads
  43. SEO Tracking
  44. Google Adwords
  45. Pinterest Advertising
  46. Facebook Advertising
  47. Tracking Sponsored Relationships
  48. ShopifyAnalyticss
  49. How to Think About Ads and Advertising
  50. Customer Analytics

And we’re about to drop 12 more lessons all centered around self-care tonight at midnight. The membership also includes a live (and recorded) Q&A, webinar and Facebook group with yours truly. You can sign up here if you’re every interested in joining the family.

PS I’m in a robe sitting in a huge bed because we’re publishing the next 12 lessons from a hotel room! Entrepreneurship FTW!

June 30, 2018