Back in the Kitchen

I cooked every meal this weekend. I was much less social. I feel energetic, I ate whole foods.

I struggle with being back in the kitchen because, due to the size of our home (and lack of dining room), that means I’m a homebody. Now that it’s warm, we do have the opportunity to host more gatherings on our back patio. It seats a lot so as long as it doesn’t rain, it’s wonderful. As of late, we’ve been talking to some collaborators and local restaurants about the idea of pop-up dinners. The Wonder Jam’s studio is such an untapped space for things like that. The issue tends to be that we don’t have a full kitchen. A kitchenette in one room, a lone oven in another.

I recently told our friend Leanne that I dream of a dinner party where there is suspended cotton candy as the centerpiece. I read it in this book and it stuck with me since.

June 10, 2018